BOX OFFICE: Joaquin Phoenix’s movie Joker touches a new milestone on Day 46

Joker is laughing it’s way ino the Billion Dollar Club like no other and has become the most successful comic book film ever with ROI of 1,400% to 2,000% (considering its budget of $55-70 million). Joker will be the 7th film in 2019 to cross the billion dollar mark and will continue to rake in more moolah in the coming months once the Oscars nominations are out.

No one in the trade had predicted Joker of such glorious box office returns especially for its dark tones and for being an R-rated pyscholoigcal thriller. And as we would say, everything has a first time – so here we are when HISTORY has been made.
Speaking of facts, Deadpool franchise was the highest grossing R-rated film in box-office history until Joker came past Deadpool 2’s $783 million dancing through the stairs on its on beats. Taking cognziance of this huge feat, even Ryan Reynolds congratulated Joaquin Phoenix for this milestone in his own Deadpool style.
If this wasn’t enough, Joker is soon going to hit the billion dollar mark and register itself as the first-ever origin story for a super villain to achieve this milestone. With a film boasting no CGI effects and no fight sequences, Joker is the first film billion dollar to so. 
Joker has come a long way ever since it has premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2019, where it received an eight-minute standing ovation and won the Golden Lion award. As soon the reviews came in and the second trailer was released on Youtube, Joker garnered immense public attention and has been unstoppable since then as it reflects in its gigantic box-office cume.
Seeing the tremendous success and debate around the film, Joker can officially be helmed as the most iconic super villain of all time. Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker is touted to be the front-runners for Oscars 2020 and it is just matter of less than 3 months from now before we know whether he takes home the big prize just like the Late Heath Ledger back in 2009.