The latest superhero flick of Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home does not seem to stop at any time soon with its impressive Box Office Collection beating all the local films and Hollywood films in India. The recent superhero flick, Spiderman: Far from Home released in India on the 4th of July which is beating all of the local Hindi films that had been released in the week.

Tom Holland’s superhero film is winning at the box office with making Rs 46.66 crore in the extended weekend of 4 days. Apparently, the movie in its first blow has beaten all of the Bollywood biggies like Kabir Singh, Oh! Baby, Takatak, Shadaa, Article 15 and many more. Across All India Multiplexes, the movie made its position at the top spot at the box office.

While recalling all the audition memories Tom Holland told in the conference before the release of the film, “I have realised how lucky I am. And I am so grateful to everyone who believed in me in the beginning and gave me the job. And even more grateful to the fans who have been so supportive. And to Sarah Finn. She is the casting director for Marvel and she has done most of the Marvel movies — from Robert Downey Jr. to me. She changed my life. I remember going into the audition: I had a cool hat on, had rolled my sleeves up, had been going to the gym. I was feeling really cool, but she said, ‘No no no, change your T-shirt and put on a baggy one. Take off your hat. You look too cool, try and be geeky…’”

The film Spider-man: Far From Home had turned out to be the biggest opener in the whole franchise of Spider-Man in India and after Endgame; this had the second highest opening weekend for a Hollywood film in this country. As per trade analyst Taran Adarsh, “Hollywood continues to consolidate its presence in India. Spider-Man: Far from Home casts its web at the box office. Embarks on a flying start’.

The Hindustan Times had reviewed the film Spider-Man: Far From Home which is an aftermath of Avengers: Endgame while rating it 3 stars gave a review which read, “Spider-Man: Far From Home is basically EuroTrip, but with occasional diversions into superhero movie territory.” However, Spider-man: Far From Home still falls behind Avengers: Endgame and the fans can’t stop imagining if it can beat Endgame also.\