Top 25 Hollywood Movies of 2012

The last few years of recession saw cinemas close their doors and the popcorn machines grind to a halt. Hollywood failed to impress with its rehashed smut comedies and lousy action flicks. We felt at a dead end – we were sure we had seen it all before. With the age of the internet well and truly upon us we seemed happy to stay home and watch movies online. Then suddenly 2012 hit and once again our love of films on the big screen flourished.

Yes 2012 has been a startling year for the box office and for the average movie goer there has been so much to look forward too! We have seen superhero movies from the makers of marvel come back into fashion with a vengeance. Now it’s time to salute all the hard work that has come out of the film industry this year and run a fine tooth comb over the movies that really hit the mark in 2012 and what makes them engrained in our memories. Let’s hope 2013 is as prolific, creative and imaginative as the last year has been.


25. Zero Dark Thirty


Kathryn Bigelow is renowned for making award winning military action movies and her latest offering Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t stray far from what she is best at. The film is centered on the decade long hunt for Osama Bin Laden after the September 11 attacks. The film could quite easily have missed the mark but Bigelow succeeded in making a movie that matches our appetites, a film that is swift, relentless and expertly put together. Sure the story may not prove easy viewing but the rare scope of the plot, acting and cinematic skills makes it nigh impossible to turn away.