Akshay Kumar made quite a strong fashion statement at the recent Vogue Beauty Awards

Akshay Kumar recently won the award for being the ‘Most Beautiful Man of the Decade’ at the recently held Vogue Beauty Awards. The actor was at his wittiest best while accepting the award. He said, “My wife has given me a speech. So I will have to say this. They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but I say beauty is whoever let you hold her. I’d thank Vogue for this award. To my overpaid trainer and my underpaid cook, a big thank you for helping me maintain this beautiful Man of the Decade Body which I have,” he concluded.

Akshay Kumar at the Vogue Beauty Awards ceremony on August 2nd

We must admit – not only does he have that enviable Man of the Decade bod, he even walked in the much coveted awards ceremony in a well fitted, gentleman-ish suit along with a cane. Yep, he was holding a cane with him, just in case you didn’t notice.

Akshay Kumar photographed at the red carpet of the Vogue Beauty Awards along with his skull-top cane

The much dapper Khiladi Kumar — in order to receive his prestigious award in style — made quite a strong fashion statement at the event. His attire was a well-planned as well as well-coordinated one. In case you didn’t notice, not only did he make his red carpet appearance with a skull cane, his tie too had a skull-theme.

Akshay’s attire was a well-coordinated one with a skull theme – there was skull print on his tie as well as a skull on top of his cane

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Holding a cane is quite a fashion statement globally and sometimes even the need of the hour — and sometimes, both. Brad Pitt was spotted carrying a cane, so was Rachel Bilson (as she bought one while her Halloween shopping pree), Halle Berry carried one post an on-the-sets-injury, while Pop star Jessie J showed it off as a style statement.

Akshay Kumar carried off the cane with much elan

Whether it was a minor injury or a style statement, Akshay Kumar stole the show as far as men’s fashion goes at the Vogue Beauty awards, without going much over-the-top (like, say, Ranveer Singh). Thumbs up to this Rustom. We liked it.

Watch him carry the stick with uber grace here….

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P.S. Meanwhile, Akshay is not gloating about his award, he’s busy promoting his film ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ and took part in a cleanliness drive in Lucknow. Take a look….