Song ‘Tamma Tamma Loge’ was one of the most blockbusters hit from 90’s which sometimes still running in our mind and has true to its lyrics along with more peppy and upbeat vibe to it!


Here’s our old Tamma Tamma girl Madhuri Dixit doing promotion of its remake and seem happy while teaching Alia and Varun to shake their legs on song’s original dance step.

here you can watch!

When the old meets new, it's a fusion that will blow your mind! #TammaTammaAgain out tomorrow at 12pm! Madhuri Dixit – Nene Varun Dhawan #AliaBhatt #KaranJohar #BadrinathKiDulhania

Publié par Dharma Productions sur jeudi 9 février 2017

Madhuri’s favourite choreographer Saroj Khan, who gave steps for ‘Tamma Tamma loge‘ from the 1990 action film Thanedar, starring both Madhuri and Sanjay, recalls the making of the famous song.

We started shooting at 10 am for the song and the shot got ready at 10 pm The song had a piece with a chair as a prop, where Madhuri encouraged Sanjay Dutt dance to his capacity because the piece wouldn’t have been fun had they not danced together. The first shot got okayed in the 28th take, but the cap rolled down from her foot, where it was supposed to stay. By then, both Madhuri and Sanjay’s knees were bruised and bleeding. But they weren’t ready to listen. They said, ‘no masterji we will do it.‘ We decided to give it another shot, which finally got okayed in the 48th take after the cap decided to stick in its desired place.

the Rebirth of the original song Tamma Tamma has already taken place on February 6 and has 18 million views so far, you can find it in next slide along with the 90’s Tamma Tamma!