Blast From The Past: The Making Of Om Shanti Om Video You Must Watch NOWFilmmaker Farah Khan has posted a video of the making of her 2007 blockbuster, Om Shanti Om, and it’s all things amazing! From how interestingly Farah got into filming the reincarnation drama one fine day to how she got her actors in place – the video is a real treat for ardent Shah Rukh Khan and OSO fans.

The 18-minute long video sums up the journey of a film that set the cash registers ringing back in the day. It talks about how each actor was thoroughly thought out about before being cast. Deepika Padukone, for example, was a new girl then, and though Farah could have signed an established star for the role of Shanti, she roped in Padukone for the sheer freshness and charm she brought to the script. Even Arjun Rampal as a baddie was a bang-on choice by the filmmaker.

Eight years later, we are immensely excited about revisiting the sets of Om Shanti Om. How the runway hit was made and what all went into completing the project, sure gets us curious, doesn’t it? Here we go…     

Released on 9th November 2007, Om Shanti Om beat Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya (out on the same day) at the box office.