badlapur varun yami

badlapur varun yami

Tuesday has witnessed a sudden downfall in collections for Badlapur. With 7 Crores on Friday, 8.50 Crores on Saturday, 8 Crores on Sunday, 4.05 Crores on Monday and 3.35 Crores  on Tuesday, the movie has collected a decent amount so far. The total tally is 30.90 crores at Box Office India.

Directed by Sriram Raghavan, Badlapur is a revenge saga that falls under the category of ‘indian crime’. It has been alloted an ‘A’ rating. Some sensual scenes between Varun Dhawan and Yami Gautam, the lead pair had risen concern among censor board, adding to the fact that the movie witnesses bloodbaths frequently. After demanding to brief them up, the censor board settled with the scenes go unedited with an ‘A’ rating.

Reasons after another, and a superb movie like Badlapur went waste. Though the movie’s director and producer didn’t leave any stone unturned to promote the movie, it can fetch only limited audience to the screens because of its content and A-rating. India’s match on Sunday, added to the long list of reasons too.

Varun Dhawan as Raghu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Laik have given stellar performances. With limited roles, Huma Quereshi and Yami Gautam have done a little more than just looking pretty. The detailed characters are beautifully carved and performed by the respective actors.

We can expect Badlapur to be slow yet steady throughout the week. Movie’s positive word of mouth will work in its favor. At 30.90 crores as the total box office collection so far, Badlapur has done a pretty decent job, being made at a budget of 25 Crores For regular updates on the movies’s collection, keep a check at the space below.