Sonam Kapoor’s Idea Of Being A Feminist Will Make You Think From A Woman’s Perspective!

Sonam Kapoor’s Idea Of Being A Feminist Will Make You Think From A Woman’s Perspective!Sonam Kapoor covered the Harper Bazar’s 7th Anniversary issue, and channelised her idol Audrey Hepburn’s look with panache. In an interaction with the magazine, Sonam however, made one thing clear -Vanity is not her virtue.

“I’m the hardest on myself where my craft is concerned, but not when it comes to my looks. I have always been very comfortable with who I am,” said B-Town’s quintessential fashionista. Even her makeup artist Namrata Soni agreed in unison and said, “She doesn’t even care about her looks. We have to, like, force her to do stuff.” Sonam further added, “I don’t take it too seriously; I have fun with it. That’s why I take so many chances with fashion.”

The actress is currently riding high on the success of Neerja. Termed as a women-centric film by many, Sonam has more to share on this topic and definition of feminism-related. She said, “I’m the girliest girl but I’m a complete feminist. It doesn’t mean that I’m not wearing my dresses or my lipsticks, and I’m definitely not burning my bra. I don’t need to prove a point. It’s about equal opportunity, whether you’re man, woman, transgender. Own who you are and know your worth.”

And the actress’ goal isn’t to cross over–there’s no such thing, she says–but to do good films that happen to focus on women. “Films like Neerja and Piku aren’t the same as, say, Tanu Weds Manu or Khoobsurat or The Dirty Picture. More commercially driven films need to be made, where you push women into the mainstream. Women-centric shouldn’t be a genre. Why can’t we have women heroes?” said Sonam, before signing off.

However, that’s not all, Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter yesterday and posted a furious message about body shaming: “Fat shaming or skinny shaming.. It’s still body shaming!”  Actress Anushka Sharma retweeted Sonam’s comment and posted, “Word”. When Ms Kapoor came across this, she didn’t shy away in praising Ms Sharma! Sonam tweeted to Anushka: “@AnushkaSharma people are just J of you! Coz you’re a self respecting intelligent successful beautiful woman!!!”

She’s definitely changing the way we think of Feminism in the right way!