Sultan New Still: Salman Races Against Train!

Sultan New Still: Salman Races Against Train!Salman Khan is one piece in Bollywood who is projected to do anything. From fun dance, to an item number – an outraged movie to a comedy flick – he is universal. Although, racing against train is nothing new in Bollywood but the rage on his face and his undefinable physique boast the real quantifiable what we all can die for.

While the still from Sultan boasts Salman’s eternal energy and prominent physique, Anushka Sharma in the movie is playing none less than ‘number one’ wrestler avatar. She is a lot more than just a lady in Sultan – she is “Aarfa” – love of Sultan.

Well, praises for Salman and Anushka for the flick see no end and what we can do is hold our drool till Eid this year when Sultan will actually be released on July 6, 2016.