Kapil Sharma might have heaved a sigh of relief as rival Krushna Abhishek's new show received a thumbs down (Pic Courtesy: Youtube/Instagram)

So what if Kapil Sharma has been swimming in some heated waters since four months, if at all he would have slept tight with a peace of mind, it would have been on Sunday night. Why, you’d think? That’s when rival Krushna Abhishek’s new comedy show ‘The Drama Company’ premiered and its TRPs died an early death. Here’s how….

Krushna Abhishek’s new comedy show ‘The Drama Company’ debuted last Sunday and was declared a flop despite its star power (Pic Courtesy: sonytv.in)

So, ‘The Drama Company’ had everything a recipe for a successful comedy show should have looked like — a popular anchor, experienced and famous comedians, and also a lot of star power as guests. But despite all of it, this show failed to bring any smiles on the faces of the audience, so much so that ‘laughter’ became quite a ‘challenge’ for all those who sat through its first episode.

Here are the Twitter reactions….

An excited Krushna Abhishek had announced that his comedy show will commence from July 16th onwards, but little did he know that the only person excited after the show’s feedback is his rival Kapil Sharma who would have heaved a sigh of relief upon knowing that the TRPs of Sony are going nowhere. After all, if the TRPs of this show would have skyrocketed, Kapil would have been directly affected.

Most of the comments have hinted at the fact that not only was the show disappointing, it has stooped to a new low of comedy standards, and that it looks like a bad rip off of TV shows in the 90s. The audience that was hitherto slamming Kapil Sharma for having lack of punch in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ ever since Gutthi and Ali Asgar left, are now, in fact, looking towards Kapil Sharma for a dash of comedy.

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