Sonam Kapoor On Magazine Covers

Sonam Kapoor On Magazine Covers

On her 30th birthday, we take a look back at Sonam Kapoor’s most stylish and sexiest magazine covers!

1. Wet & Wild

Sonam kapoor on GQ cover
On the August 2013 cover of GQ India magazine, Sonam posed at her hottest and how! Clad in a bold leather bikini top and a high-waist fitted skirt, the sizzler oozed oodles of sensuality.

2. The Leggy Lass

Sonam kapoor on Vogue cover
The siren – sporting a super-hot outfit, revealing her sexy, toned legs – totally owned the cover of Vogue India magazine’s June 2013 edition, thanks to her unbeatable hotness quotient.

3. Graceful As Ever

Sonam kapoor on Elle coverShe is fully covered, yet looks absolutely tempting! Only a Sonam Kapoor could pull off such a look with utmost flourish. Glamourous and gorgeous!

4. Eyes That Could Kill

Sonam kapoor on Magazine coverOn the cover of the Valentine’s special issue of Hair magazine, the fashion babe looked utterly delicious and certainly left us craving for more! Sonam wore a sequined top and stylish earrings. But it is her gorgeously done eyes and deep red lips that added ultimate sizzle to her look!

5. Striking Seductress

Sonam kapoor on Filmfare cover
Gracing the June 2013 cover of Filmfare magazine, Sonam charmed the pants off us with her scintillating avatar! The colour of her lovely waist-defining outfit complemented her arresting personality to the tee!

6. Hot & Stylish

Sonam kapoor on Vogue cover Doesn’t she look like a doll here? Sonam sizzled on the glossy cover in a beautiful gown that did absolute justice to her tall frame and hot curves. Her quirky earrings and perfect makeup took care of the rest.

7. Bubbly-cious

Sonam kapoor on Elle cover7Slipped into a printed ruffle strapless outfit from Moschino’s Fall 2014 collection, the dazzling babe exuded exuberance and exquisiteness aplenty!

8. Pure Awesomeness

Sonam kapoor on Vogue cover
Flaunting her tempting cleavage, Sonam Kapoor took us by complete storm, as she posed for the cover of Vogue India magazine’s September 2014 edition. Clad in a leather top and a black skirt, the leggy lass looked oh-so-irresistible!

9. Smoking-Hot

Sonam kapoor on Filmfare coverThe Filmfare July 2010 cover was all about sizzle and oomph, as Sonam set the temperatures soaring with her awe-inspiringly hot pose for the glossy! She flaunted only as much required, leaving the rest to our imaginations!

10. Sexy & Seductive

Sonam kapoor on Maxim coverThe actress sent us into raptures with this cover! Sitting seductively, clad in a hot, tiny satin outfit, Sonam is the ultimate goddess of hotness here!

11. Hotness Redefined

Sonam kapoor on Vogue coverMiss Kapoor scorched the April 2015 cover of Vogue India magazine. The actress, slipped into a risqué outfit, was all about grace, glamour and gorgeousness. Wearing a sexy lavender dress, flaunting her plunging neckline with super ease and flair, the Kapoor girl made us go wow at the first sight!

12. The Fashionista

Sonam kapoor on Prestige coverSonam was covered by the popular Prestige Hong Kong magazine for its June 2014 issue. The international glossy tagged the sizzler as ‘Bollywood Royalty’s New Sexy’, and we couldn’t agree more! Sonam has certainly redefined the meaning of sexy, thanks to her avant-garde style statements.