Playing for Keeps Movie Review

Review: Playing for Keeps – Fails to Score

  When it comes to Gabriele Muccinos latest film offering he may shoot but he certainly doesn’t score with this head in hand groan fest film that is...
Jack Reacher Movie Review

Review: Jack Reacher – Entertaining Despite Shortcomings

For those in the know, Twitter nearly suffered a server breakdown, thanks to a little too viral and none too flattering joke about adding "-round" to the surname...
Anna Karenina Review

Review: Anna Karenina

Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina may be the finest piece of literature to ever grace the page. Yet this year it’s not only bookworms and academics that can...
Paddington Movie Still

Review: ‘Paddington’ An Endearing 1990s-Style Film

"Paddington" is a light-hearted adventure film for children with engaging twists and turns. The gentle moments intersped wigh the cute action scenes have a universal appeal. Director Paul...
Zero Dark Thirty Review

Review: Zero Dark Thirty

Wasn’t it just thrilling to watch the news that informed the world about the death of the most hated terrorist in the world? What if you could...
Review: Mud

Review: Mud

Watched Mud and gosh…I have to admit that the drama unfolding before me made quite an impact. Many kudos to Mathew McConaughey who has done his job...
Review: Monster University

Review: Monster University

Have children that are always harassing you to take them to movies? Then, it is my suggestion to take them today for watching the funny animated film...
Review: The Host

Review: The Host

Is it a sci- fi movie or is a tomfoolery on how to make silly films that have nothing new or enigmatic to offer? Well, surely it...
Review: Trance

Review: Trance

Come on weren’t you all waiting to watch Trance, the thriller directed by the Oscar winning director Danny Boyle? I was and am being frank when I...
Silver Linings Playbook Review

Review: Silver Linings Playbook

  After a stay in the mental institution, former teacher Pat moves back in with his parents to try and piece his life back together and patch things...



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