Admission can become a good weekend watch provided you go to the cinema hall with limited aspirations. Yes, according to many viewers, the main reason why people should watch this movie is Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, noting else. A shade better than InAppropriate Comedy, this movie is surely going to be liked by few who are big fans and really love Fey.
Starring as an ambitious admissions officer, Fey plays the role of Portia who goes all the way to get her son (whom she happily forgot years earlier) admitted in Princeton, a highly coveted college that has an exhaustive procedure for admissions. What happens during the course of admissions and how manipulative the system is forms the focal point of this movie. Yeah…It is an educative and informative movie and entertaining at the same time.
The one good thing about this movie is the educative theme that has been appreciated by many people, particularly youngsters that have also gone through the grueling process of admissions. While, the lead actors have been given due accolades by many reviewers, it saddens me that the story as such lacks any substance. With a plot so predictable and clichéd, there isn’t much to expect from the movie. According to Peter Travers, a distinguished film critic employed with Rolling Stones, the movie is to be seen only for Tina and Rudd who are the centre point and nothing else. Tavers calls Admission a ‘slight ‘film that can be blown apart by a breeze. How sad!  To me, watching this movie made me realize that the director had made a colossal waste of a talent house like Fey and Rudd that could have been given better roles to play. There is hardly anything in the movie that prickles your senses and makes you laugh. It is dull and usual.
The screenplay has been rendered by Karen Croner and is funny at times. Though, educative, it is successful in bringing out the entertaining factor. But, looking at the movie, it hints to the fact that the screenplay is clumsy. The chemistry between Fey and Rudd is stupendous and keeps viewers wanting for more. They portray real people and we as audiences do feel connected to them.
With a great topic on hand, Admission could have been made better , had the director given more thought towards the other burning issues that are related to education like inner turmoil and the cut throat competition that drives many youngsters to the brink of craziness. The story could have been more sharp and crisp, say some reviewers. With predictable twists and turns, the movie has not been able to garner that much attention as it had expected. Even the passionate chemistry between the lead pair has not helped it. It falls flat in many episodes and lacks a proper flow of events. There are too many things happening at the same time and is probably the reason why it has not gathered much appreciation.