Review: Fruitvale Station

Review: Fruitvale Station

Based on a true story, the film Fruitvale Station has managed to win a number of prestigious awards like the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 and the coveted Grand Jury Prize.  There are loads of movies that churn out of Hollywood every year, but rarely does the audience get to watch such films that leave a lasting impression on their minds. As far as Fruitvale Station is concerned, it is in the process of hogging the limelight simply because it deals with a serious subject and is not fabricated in any sense.

 The story shows the tragic end to the life of a 22 year old man who wakes up one fine morning only to be killed in a freak accident that leaves everyone in his area horror stuck. The film has drawn its inspiration from the life of Oscar Grant who was killed for no rhyme or reason. He was an ordinary guy who led a normal life that was full of faults, emotions and resolutions but what made him stand out from the rest was the way he was killed in one instance.

 The plot of the film looks too interesting and we see our protagonist Oscar, played by Michael B. Jordan getting up in the morning and feeling a premonition that something isn’t normal. Soon, he starts his course of the day with a bang new zeal that includes the following resolves:

  1. To be honest with his girlfriend.
  2. Becoming a good son to his mother.
  3. Becoming a better father to his daughter.

With such resolutions in mind, Oscar takes off for the day but future has some tragic plans for he gets killed by BART officers at the Fruitvale shop on New Year’s Day. Why does he get killed and for what reasons is still not known but it really created quite a stir in USA that was shocked to hear about the accident. Was it planned or was there any fault of Oscar is yet to be found out. With such an engaging plot, Fruitvale Station is predicted to become one of the top most entries for this year’s Oscars. The film will have a running time of 1 hour and 24 minutes and is a drama.

 The director Ryan Coogler has made a serious drama that is from no angle looks made up. Lot of research was done before he could come up with anything substantial to convert the findings into a movie. Since the whole event is true, there are hardly any scenes that look artificial or over the top. Mostly, such topics find their voices in documentaries that seem boring to many of us. However, the director has taken the pains to bring something so powerful and dramatic that even a reckless case of shooting by the police seems to wreck your nerves. It is one hell of a ride and makes you wonder why the cops get the taint. The movie is powerful and the scenes are all dramatic but not over melodramatic. Ryan Coogler has devoted his life and soul to bring out something that shook the nation of America and brought the case of police brutality on the front covers.

 The plot and the screenplay are compelling. Forest Whitaker is the producer and this will probably prompt many viewers to watch the movie. However, it is predicted by some trade analysts that the film may not fair excellent at the box office, but as far as awards and critical acclaim are concerned, it will be one of the forerunners in the race. Most of you would fall in love with commotion and chaos that gets projected well in this film and all this has been made possible only because of a stellar screenplay. Jordon too has done remarkable as Oscar and many awards are soon to bestow upon him as per my predictions. He looks every bit the role he plays here and is going to be a tough contender for the best actor nominations this year.

 One look at the movie and you do get to feel the punch that makes watching the movie a pleasant experience.