Watching Horror film based on a true story is always connected us with its depth, however, the terror which we see onscreen with so much delight had happened with somebody on someday and it is quite reliable to send a shiver down your spine. Indeed the films add plenty of fiction to it so that the major goal of making the horror film could be achieved and that’s bout haunt its audience as much as it can. We have listed down five horror films which are directly picked out from the true incident

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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The real Emily Rose was inspired by the story of a 16-year-old German girl named Annelise Michel who began displaying symptoms of demonic possession like self-abuse, starvation and paralysis. Seven years later, when her suffering became anything but better, two priests performed exorcisms and claimed that Michel was possessed by several demons. When Michel finally died in July 1976 due to starvation, her parents and the priests were tried and found guilty of manslaughter. This movie is about a priest who is on trial for the death of a young woman named Emily Rose, whom he had performed an exorcism on. The movie documents the woman’s struggles with being possessed and the priest’s trial, which strikes a debate between science and faith.