Salman Khan and Sohail Khan in a still from Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

MOVIE: Tubelight
DIRECTOR: Kabir Khan
CAST: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Om Puri, Zhu Zhu, Matin Rey
PRODUCER: Salman Khan

Tubelight is a touching tale of the bonding between two brothers  set in the backdrop of 1962 Indo-Chinese war. Salman’s emotions and a ‘tubelight’ like character does bring some tears of happiness rolling down the cheeks. This movie is high on emotion!

Needless to say, the vulnerable boy with a golden heart named Laxman (Salman Khan) is the heart and soul of Tubelight. So naive is Laxman that he takes his own sweet time to understand what people around him are saying. Just the way Bajrangi Bhaijaan stole our hearts, this Tubelight does the same. And in the process, brings us a ‘light’ of positivity that how we must keep that childlike innocence and love alive in our hearts forever.

Salman Khan during the shooting of Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

Laxman (Salman) and Bharat (Sohail) are brothers who have been each other’s support since birth. When Bharat joins the army and does not return from the Indo-Chinese war, Laxman is deeply heartbroken and refuses to believe that his brother is dead. How a feary boy transforms into a strong one with unshakeable belief in himself, how a dumb person becomes one with supernatural powers — all for the love of his brother is a highly emotional tale that Tubelight is. Here’s a gem you must not miss. It is bound to shine.

Agreed that there is one absolutely adorable child in most Salman films, of late. But that’s cute. The moments where Salman and the little actor Matin Rey Tangu are sharing screenspace are some of the best moments from the film.

Kabir Khan has layered a big message in the middle of two big chunks of entertainment and melodrama, and the resulting sandwich is a Tubelight that’s going to immensely brighten up not just the cinema halls but even the pockets of the producer and distributors.

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Salman and Matin in Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

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In some scenes, Salman Khan is looking so huge that it becomes — only slightly — difficult to gulp down the fact that he’s playing a weak man who fears a lot and is dependent on his elder brother Bharat.

The end of the movie is quite predictable. Considering it’s a Bollywood film and the audience usually loves to watch a happy ending with tears of happiness running down their cheeks, Kabir Khan has ended the film on a rather happy note.

The film could have thrown some light on how the North-Easterners are usually believed to be Chinese and tagged unapologetically as ‘Chinkis’. But the script easily deviated on giving a lesson to the audience.

“Kya tumhe yakeen hai?” is a dialogue repeated so many times that we feel it was not necessary.

MRP VERDICT: Tubelight is a must watch. Not only for Salman fans, but for all. If you aren’t a fan, you will walk out becoming one.


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