Rangoon (picture courtesy: movie download)

Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan’s Rangoon movie has officially finished with its first screening and popular film critic Taran Adarsh has given us a true, sensible movie review you could definitely rely on before watching the film at your nearest theatre.  Scroll down to read up.

Rangoon (picture courtesy: movie download)

According to the expert, Rangoon is a very fascinating film. It is based on the backdrop of World War II, has an enchanting, beautiful love story to tell that also consists of several other elements such as politics, conflict, history and hatred. Vishal Bhardwaj is definitely a good film maker as his story telling skills are on point in this film. Though Rangoon is flawed, you will not be able to get past several episodes shown on screen.

The world war drama revolves around Rusi played by Saif Ali Khan, Julia played by Kangana who is a popular actress and Nawab Malik played by Shahid Kapoor who plays a solider’s part. Rusi in the film is in love with Julia and he also mentors her. When Julia is asked to perform for the Indian troops at the India-Burma border, the beauty falls in love with Nawab and learns a few facts about India’s independence. That is where the love story begins and my! It is a beautiful ride you can enjoy only if you watch.

Even though the story sounds similar, we promise you it is not as  simple as it seems. It is complex and will make you fall in love. You will be able to feel the 40s charm, be smitten by it and hopefully absorb the characters as well. Also, some of the locations shown in the film are pretty gorgeous. If we talk about the disadvantages, then it is the writing which is not that crisp in the film’s first half. Also the music is not all that catchy. However, the story line and the performances of the actors is so good that you’d want to watch the film till the end. So don’t wait any further. Grab yourself a ticket already!

Also check out the trailer before you go!