Movie Review - Sanam Re - Waste Of Resources

Movie Review - Sanam Re - Waste Of ResourcesReally, what were they thinking? Some movies are the kind which are disastrous on paper itself. Sanam Re is one such film. It appears as if the makers had some good sounding songs in their repertoire and then came across some stunning locations. Then a germ of an idea came in, which centered on timeless love between soul mates. Since there was a decent budget available, it must have been decided by the powers that be to package it all as a film.

As for the script, guess there was none. And then whatever eventually came together, it was passed without as much as a blink of an eyelid! So that’s the summary of Sanam Re – a soulless film about soul mates that turns out to be a damp squib within first 15 minutes itself.

To think of it, the film’s best moments are actually the ones which are enacted by the kids and have ‘dadaji’ Rishi Kapoor in there. One doesn’t really mind a few philosophical lessons around love and life since the ever-so-romantic Rishi Kapoor is always so convincing mouthing such lines. Moreover, the kids are truly adorable and you do want them to meet.

But voila, while the kiddie boy grows up to be Pulkit Samrat, the kiddie girl goes missing. Instead, in a situation as random as one can’t even imagine, there is Urvashi Rautela who comes out of nowhere. In a poorly sketched part which is further enacted poorly, she comes across Pulkit and weird a romantic story develops between the two. This is made worse in the Canada camp setting which takes up a good 30-40 minutes of the film that are a cross between the Corsica sequence in Tamasha and the European outing of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Oh yes, minus all the charm here, even though kiddie girl, now Yami Gautam, joins the show.

Talking of Tamasha, it is surprising to see close to half a dozen odd resemblances that Sanam Re has with the Imtiaz Ali flick. The love story between total strangers who don’t know their real names, the separation, the hunt that follows, the true calling that the hero wishes to find, the visits he makes to his home town, the stories that his ‘dadaji’ has to narrate, the atmosphere at office with an abusive boss, the outburst that the hero has on his boss, the scenic setting – it is no mere coincidence that there are too many similarities in play.

This is taken care of though to some extent by bringing in a (lifeless and listless) love triangle which has no reason, sense or purpose. Moreover, the dialogues are inserted just because they seemed good as one liners, though in the context of the scene they begin to appear random. As for the performances, the one who does get it right at some points is Yami Gautam, though that isn’t saying much. There are brief emotional moments towards the end though, but by then it is too late.

What one remembers are the songs and the excellent visuals that they carry. However, for that there are always online channels!

Movie Review: Sanam Re