Movie Review - Teraa Surroor - A Rare Film With A Fast Paced Second Half

Movie Review - Teraa Surroor - A Rare Film With A Fast Paced Second HalfThe curse of second half’

How many times has one been compelled to make this statement after watching a film. In fact it is almost become a ritual, what with at least 7 out of 10 films suffering from this ‘curse’.

Your don’t say this for Teraa Surroor though. Well, thankfully!

A well paced second half that doesn’t allow you to blink an eye, Teraa Surroor unfolds at a rapid pace, hence ensuring that you are totally entertained with drama, thrills, action and a good dose of suspense that is unveiled eventually. What further helps the film is the fact that its duration is a mere 100 minutes. That further makes the film appear crisper than its actual length.

Not that you get the same impression right from the beginning. Yes, the stage is set well with a couple of murders and an action sequence. The entry of both the leads, Himesh Reshammiya and Farah Karimaee is done well too. However, there are too many songs interspersed in the first half of the film and while they are quite melodious in isolation, they at times slow the pace of the narrative which is building up towards being a thriller.

At the core of it though, Teraa Suroor stays on to be a thriller. Director Shawn Arranha ensures that the romantic affair stays on to be lethal where all ends eventually tie up, right from the first to the last frame. Oh yes, there are cinematic liberties galore, ton loads of them actually. Be it the killings taking place in Dublin or the jail escapes that take place in broad daylights to diplomats making cases disappear in a jiffy to gangsters turning out to be ‘deshbhakts’, you are never too sure about what and who would strike next. However, Shawn, Himesh and their team do this all with such chutzpah that you too allow suspension of disbelief to set in and instead enjoy munching the popcorn.

As for the performances, Himesh maintains his style as seen in his last film The Xposè. He is quite good in the sequences with Naseeruddin Shah (who is natural to the core and has some very interesting dialogues), pre-interval sequence at the shooting range and then the climax face-off. Farah looks gorgeous and reminds one of Katrina Kaif. She has a limited role but makes her presence felt. Kabir Bedi and Shekhar Kapoor bring weight to their interesting characterization.

What helps making it a theatrical experience is the scale at which the film is shot. Countless aerial shots make Teraa Suroor a truly big film and rest is taken care by right shot taking, editing and cinematography of some really wonderful locations at Ireland. All of that makes for an eye pleasing experience while the superb background score (Himesh Reshammiya again) ensures that there is continued excitement right till the end.

It is the end actually that you don’t really see coming as the twist is interesting and justifies the route that has been taken in the narrative. So right from the innovative title design around the interval sequence to the big reveal in the end, you don’t mind what is played on screen, as long as you are willing to let go of the cinematic liberties that have been taken en route.

Movie Review: Teraa Surroor