Movie Review - Tere Bin Laden - Dead Or Alive - A Very Good Idea

Movie Review - Tere Bin Laden - Dead Or Alive - A Very Good IdeaIn Bollywood, there have been quite a few sequels made over the years. Many of them turn out to be franchise affairs, quite a few just repeat the actors and just a few actually have a connect between the two films. Surprisingly, Tere Bin Laden – Dead or Alive falls into the third category. One has to credit the team forcracking the core idea as it indeed is one of the most unique that one has come across as a filmgoer. Just for that, the team deserves appreciation.

In fact, it is the manner in which director Abhishek Sharma nurtures the whole idea makes the film really interesting, especially during the first 40 minutes. Manish Paul plays the part of director Abhishek Sharma who now has a task in hand to create an identity for himself after Ali Zafar takes away all the credit for the success of Tere Bin Laden (yes, this is actually the core premise of the film!). Meanwhile, USA (Sikandar Kher) and Pakistan (Piyush Mishra) have their own agenda. The man at the center of affairs? Pradhuman Singh, the lookalike of Osama Bin Laden, who finds himself in the eye of storm.

Even though the first half of the film seems a little long, it is entertaining nonetheless which keeps you in splits at many places. The post interval portions keep you engaged as well, though 10-15 minutes in the middle turn out to be a tad slow. Nonetheless, you still don’t mind much as the humour, which ranges from being excellent to silly, still works for most part of the film.

This is where it must be mentioned that even though Manish and Pradhuman get it right with their comedy, the man who leads the show is Sikandar. He is brilliant in his act as the American CIA Officer turned Punjabi producer and gets the act bang on, while reminding one of Rishi Kapoor’s similar act in Luck By Chance. He is the one who gets you rolling with his Punjabi diction, body language and mannerisms. He in fact makes up for the dull act by the American who plays Obama.

As for the film in particular, it works well as a spoof, despite the low production values that it carries. It is clear that the film has been made at a shoe string budget but the funny situations and the dialogues make up for it. Yes, after a rollicking first 40 minutes when the core idea was established, Abhishek Sharma could have taken the film to a different level. Though that doesn’t quite happen as the film gets stuck in the fake encounter for the entire second half, and the climax is just about average too, you still don’t mind it’s play since it remains harmless for most part of the narrative.

You can give it a watch for its unique idea and some good hilarious moments coupled with competent acting where Sikandar leads the show.

Movie Review: Tere Bin Laden - Dead Or Alive