21 and Over has nothing new that would engage its audiences, nor has it any star power to keep you hooked, at least for a second. Come on…I was, in fact most of us were 21 at some point in our lives, but did we go through any of the visual ‘bullcrap’ that was shown in the movie? 

The director Jon Lucas has directed similar kinds of flicks, all dealing with the same foolish and over the top mistakes or goof ups that are seldom committed by people who are of the above mentioned age. Well, Jon has succeeded in putting up the famous R’s in his flick and those would be: raunchy stuff, repetitive story and plot and rotten sense of humor. 21 and above is full of such elements.

 The story is predictable with our three protagonists who get  together on the eve of the 21st birthday of Jeff and end up having a wild night full of mistakes- mind you….these goof ups are not your ordinary stuff! But, still, these 21someting fools manage to get in some of the most unbelievable events that are not possible , at least in my ordinary world, a world  of common moronic geeks who have no time except bury their heads in academics pursuits!

It is a typical college comedy that has lots of sex and crude jokes. Watching it reminded me of the American Pie series and many others like it that had nothing but raw and distasteful sexual content that were not only ghastly, but also were a classic case of buffoonery.  As for the actors- Justin Chon, Skylar Astin and Miles Teller, they have done their parts well (oh…was there anything expect crude acting?) Well, for me, watching these across play their roles was the same as watching the actors from the Hangover series, only this time, these bunch of actors were younger ( one confession…….i seriously missed Bradley here!!) But, whatever said and done, the flick did manage to make me smile, rather laugh at some of the well directed scenes that had me totally floored. To see a bunch of youngsters driving in an intoxicated condition and getting sexually assaulted was hilarious enough. But, that was it. There was nothing more to expect from such a movie whose entire focus was on creating unnecessary hype about crudity and meaningless comedy.

Mind it…if you are so very much inclined to watch such raunchy stuff, go this weekend but it’s no Hangover guys! There are plenty of scenes to keep you grounded but on an average 21 and Over is just your typical B grade Hollywood movie that lacks soul and charm.