twilight saga breaking dawn 2 movie review

Newcomers to the scene will be wholly confused if they attempt to watch the final part of the newest fad in film The Twilight Saga. Unless you are an avid fan or have at least got a glimpse of the earlier films I wouldn’t bother splashing out the cash to watch the cult romance epic attempt.

However the blockbuster film seems to have appeased fans with an above average dramatic climax to the tale of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. To keep you up to date the story follows Bella as a newly initiated vampire and the birth of her child with dreamy fang biter Edward Cullen. In the first part of this tale of star crossed lovers their unborn child posed a threat to wolf clan and the small town of Forks.

In part 2 the birth of their child Renesmee causes a bit of a ruckus with vampire elite and ruthless police force the Volturi, after being mistaken for an immortal child (apparently this is illegal in vampire world for all those who haven’t been following the story from day one). This leads to fear of a battle to the death with the Volturi and calls on Cullen to enlist the help of international vampires to help set the record straight.

Kristen Stewart who plays Bella Swan gives her liveliest performance in the finale. Whilst harsher critics would declare she is still a bit stiff and pale it seems that she blooms in this new found story twist as she finally becomes the vampire she was born to be.

Twilight fans will lap the saga up with a silver spoon, there are still a few eye rolling script moment as the teenage lovers talk of true love. Yet the final installment allows the often two dimensional characters to step out of the old clichés and into a slightly higher realm of complex drama.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is by far the tastiest visual treat offered up by the Twilight team. After the dismal display of Eclipse and the eye brow raising antics of New Moon, the sigh inducing sickness theme of the first part of Breaking Dawn it seems the series has ended on a high note.

The plot stays close to the bone of the book and the pace starts slow with some almost creepy and awkward CGI work on the baby. Yet after a while the plotline picks up the pace as Bella starts testing out her newfound vampire powers and prowess.  The climax comes hard and heavy so expect less mushy romance and more heads rolling in the character battle of who lives and who dies. This will certainly have Twilight die hards gripping the edge of their seat.

The strongest performances don’t come from Bella who remains slightly stiff in her post emo role or from Edward who has managed to stay robotically consistent throughout. Yet the real talent comes from the scores of international vampires who turn up ready to bit, slay and spray as much blood as possible.

Whilst the other movies concentrated more on the perils of keeping the teenage dream alive between a vampire and a human. Breaking Dawn Part 2 finally moves beyond and even allows a few small chuckles in the script.

Across the country fan of the fangs flocked in their drives wearing I heart Edward t-shirts to catch the final installment of the teen vampire romance. Box office lines were huge and anticipated a smash like no other. Whilst the mania didn’t quite match that of the Harry Potter madness the camp outs of young obsessed teens hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars seemed to reel on.

Stephanie Meyers who created the tale in her popular novel series has declared quite firmly that this is to be the end of the road for Bella and Edward. Whilst it seems spin offs are certainly in the future we shouldn’t expect to see the pale faced loved up teens in our cinema future.  The five year, four books epic has pulled in over a billion dollars worldwide at the box office.

In short this installment of the epic fantasy teen romance is by far the director’s best effort. It’s worth a watch for the ending alone. To enjoy you have to be a firm fan of Twilight in the first place or the entire experience will leave you confused and shaking your head in disbelief.