Chennai Express Poster SRK
Review: Chennai Express
Rating: 4/5 (Four Stars)

Much awaited movie Chennai Express has released this Eid . It has a plot line theme somewhat similar to ‘Jab we met’ in the beginning with equally funny dialogues and excellent direction. Being a Rohit Shetty Film, the movie has some typical style. Fights causing car/bike crashes and colors that would set you up in a mood to dance.

Movie starts with what SRK is best at – emotions, drama and some tears. Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) is being asked to immerse his grandfather’s ashes in Rameshwara with much expectation from his grandmother. But he poses as someone who wouldn’t be bothered by emotions. So he starts his journey to Goa for fun instead.

Destiny takes him back to Chennai Express where he helps Meena (Deepika Padukone) to board the moving train. (yeah right !! Like DDLJ). But he gets in trouble when he helps Meena’s cousin brothers (Giant-scary kidnappers) board it too. Meena unfolds her story to Rahul in a cute and funny way… They sing.

Its revealed that Meena is Don’s daughter and is running from her family because she is forcefully being married to Tangaballi ( a tall muscular gunda in black kurta pajamas) for her father’s benefit. Now Rahul helps Meena to escape but fails numerous times. With his constant courage and some rolling-on-floor-laughing moments Rahul successfully escapes along with Meena from Kumban village.

Meena falls in love with Rahul during the days spent together. But Rahul being the heartless chap who is least bothered by emotions, would he be able to love Meena the same way she does? Would he be able to do something for her,since he is just a common man ? Watch out an unpredictable tale of love which has epic songs,beautiful set, colors so bright, deepika’s cute-thick accent and SRK’s ishtyle.

‘Chennai Express’ has an unpredictable climax. Also scenes like the trademark arm-spread and gestures which would assure Shahrukh Fans not to be disappointed. ‘Thalaiva anna’ song comes at the end as a tribute to our very own ‘Rajnikant Sir’. Rest of the songs are placed well ; especially the song “meharbani nahi tumhara pyaar maanga hai”. The mesmerizing landscape, tea farms,mountains and waterfalls.. Everything was a delight to watch.

Movie has its moments. Tears would come out, be it the comedy part or the emotional drama. Deepika looked graceful in Sarees and even in the lungi while SRK was on the verge of ‘over acting’ pushing himself to be so funny all the time. Deepika has emerged as a Superstar since last few movies but this ‘Dimpled Superstar Jodi‘ is all set to sizzle the floor. Deepika has finally emerged as a better performer than SRK. But still SRK has done everything, he has never done before. His efforts are visible while acting and in promoting the movie himself too.

Music Composers Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani have done an excellent job. Titli, kashmir main tu kanyakumari ,lungi dance, tera rasta chhodoon na and one two three four (get on the dance floor) are some tracks ‘Chennai Express’. Each and every song is beautifully sung and picturised. The kick scene,the fight scenes and the temple run scene are few scenes that might win your heart.

Movie has it flaws too. A common man, who would fight with ‘a baalti’ and knock out a tall muscular dude,overacting by Shahrukh, monotonous jokes which might bore you after some time, Some scenes which would appear unreal and lastly, forceful humor. SRK overdid his trademark gestures so often that it leaves no impact at all.

To sumup, there would be people who would find ‘Chennai Express’ boring. Though Rohit Shetty has tried to keep something for everyone to look out for; be it humor, drama, fight or beautiful sets but ONLY SRK fans would enjoy it to the core. You must watch it  if you are a SRK fan. Let’s re-live the past decade SRK style with ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ type gripping background music and ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ train scene.