Cigarette Ki Tarah Movie Review

Cigarette Ki Tarah Movie Review

Movies, if well made, can really leave a lasting effect on audiences. But, the movie- Cigarette Ki Tarah is not that kind of flick at all. It is a mindless film that has no story. Nor does it have any good musical score. The movie falls in the genre of third class flicks that are not even enjoyed by the first benchers. Leave alone the ‘multiplex’ clientele.

Cigarette Ki Tarah is a thriller and has been poorly directed by Akshaditya Lama and stars Madhurima Tuli and Bhoop Yaduvanshi. Most people wouldn’t even know who these actors are! Though, some would have seen Madhurima in certain Hindi serials that can be easily forgotten and have not been watched by most.

When watching this movie, there were instances when cine goers would leave the hall and it was a tough job sitting on your seats, mustering courage to tolerate the other half of this horrendously made flick.

The film is so boring that it becomes difficult to chew on your favorite popcorn! The movie is set in Goa and deals with a murder for which the protagonist, played by Bhoop Yaduvanshi, is held responsible and is arrested. Much of the suspense drama is created by the girl that the hero falls in love with. Is she or isn’t she the real reason for his miseries lies the crux of this  movie.

With action scenes failing to bring out a man’s miseries in a world full of malice and betrayal, Cigarette Ki Tarah is a disaster to watch. Most viewers wait endlessly to see the twists and turns, only to be left disheartened. There are no possible twists as there is no hard lying story or morale in the flick.

However, one thing good about this flick are the hamming scenes that are in plenty to keep audiences floored through till the end! To see our hero churning out some mind blowing dialogues keeps you wondering if this was a thriller after all…’s simply irritating to hear the dialogues.

Bhoop Yaduvanshi is a newcomer and has failed to enact is part. It is mindless to see him act and emote. There are many actors like Uvika Chaudhary , Sudesh Berry and Prashant Narayanan who are the stars of this flick. Only, some credit can be given to Prashant for he has made this flick little tolerable.

Though, we have seen Prashant act in some  good movies like Mumbai Mirror and Mayanagari, most viewers would remember him as the sadist that killed innocent girls in the super hit thriller Murder 2. Uvika is a small time actress who has acted in Hindi serials. She appeared in a guest role in one of the most awaited super hit flick, starring King Khan and Deepika Padukone. The movie was Om Shanti Om that released about four years back.

The flick is a joke on good cinema and cannot have been worse. The music is boring and leaves no impact on the hearts. With a poorly written script and bad dialogue delivery by actors, Cigarette Ki Tarah can be given 1 out of 5 stars.

Steer clear from those theaters that are showing this flick, for it is a complete waste of money and time. Go check out some other movie that deserves viewer’s attention.