Dead Man Down is a story of revenge, betrayal and romance. Crime boss, his side kick and a beautiful neighbor, a perfect plot for a good thriller. Colin Farrell has done his best as an actor but in some places movie lacks what it takes to be a good thriller. In some scenes you will laugh, but in any part of the movie you wont feel thrilled. Two people looking forward to take their revenge on the crime boss comes together and plan to sabotage his empire. Director Niels Arden Oplev, the Danish filmmaker who made the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, missed out on a good script though he succeeded in bringing out the better actors out of his cast.

Movie starts with the crime boss Alphonse (Terrence Howard)  is a target of an unknown adversary, who is silently breaking his gang and making it hard for anyone to find out his identity. Victor (Colin Farrell) is a member of Alphonse’s gang. Victor has a neighbor Beatrice (Noomi Rapace), who is hell bent on destroying Alphonse. She has incriminating evidence of a criminal act that Victor committed. She blackmails him and made him do damage to Alphonse. What she doesn’t know is, Victor too is planning to sabotage the crime syndicate of Alphonse. Together they both start to plan on how to take revenge, but falls in love in no time.

Main leads of Dead Man Down are played by seasoned actors. Colin Farrell is a damn good actor and it shows through out the movie. He is too much involved in his character and played a bad-good-victim personality very effectively. Noomi Rapace played the role of an aggressive and hurt female who is determined to take her revenge. She played her part with conviction. Lead pair is the reason i will still recommend the movie to the viewers. As its the first English movie of Niels Arden Oplev,  I will still wait for him to adjust with the culture of Hollywood entertainment and give him some credit because of his past movies. A beautiful couple, a horrorsome crime boss ,an excellent director but a below average thriller.