Review: Despicable Me 2
Review: Despicable Me 2
Rating: 4/5 (Four Stars)

There is some good news for all of you that fell in love with Gru, the character that made you a firm believer that evil too can be overpowered by love and warmth in the film Despicable Me. Yes people….get set for a new sequel to the original that is aptly named Despicable Me 2 that is soon to release and will enamour you with its funny characters, witty dialogues and giggles.

The plot takes off from the point it ended in the first part and we see Gru played by Steve Carell lead a normal life with his three adopted daughters who changed his very outlook and character. Here, Gru is given the task of tackling a new enemy that is evil in its truest grit. Many stalwarts like Al Pacino, Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand have given their voices for various characters. While, viewers would once again get to see the yellow and cute looking little minions, they will experience humour at its very best. Just like its predecessor, Despicable Me 2 promises to be a bouncy and funny film that has enough punch to keep the audiences interested.

Though, there isn’t anything spectacular about the storyline , yet, it does manage to tickle your funny bone every now and then. To see our ex-villain Gru lead a common family man’s life is just too hilarious and is sweet at the same time. He is now shown running a jam factory along with his troupe of yellow minions and Dr.Nefario. The occupation keeps him busy in the day and his evenings are all spent in the company of his three daughters. The scenes that show Gru and his daughters spending time with each other are simply heart wrenching and will make you fall in love with Gru. The director has not only made a great comedy adventure film, but has also woven a sweet thread of emotions and feelings. There is lots of action and adventure in store in case you don’t like anything that is too mushy. Then, there is the super villain who has robbed a laboratory that contains the formula to turn humans into vicious monsters that are hungry for human flesh.

As far as the new sequel is concerned, it appears to be more interesting and captivating than its predecessor, though, some of you may feel as if the movie lacks somewhere in its content and quality. While, Despicable Me was a far too crude a movie, this time, however, it is much more sophisticated and this may not go down very well with the fans of the original. To see Gru act like a total devoted father may be a bummer for a few who fell in love with his devilish self.

Also, the action adventure part of the film is sure to keep you hooked. Most of the young kids would fall in love with the scenes that show Gru fighting off his enemy and the big toothed monsters in his own way that may bring out a cheer or two from young fans. The musical score is good and keeps you in a light and happy mood. The whole setting and the atmosphere of the film is warm and elevates your mood. There is not one scene that looks boring or dull.  Audiences have lots to expect from Despicable Me 2 since it is two three shades better than its predecessor and promises plenty of action and fun.

Despicable Me 2 is a movie meant to be watched with the entire family. Watch it for its excellent animation that will beguile you and keep you engrossed. Looking at the animation, you would not seem to demarcate between what is real and what’s that isn’t real. I give it a rating of 4 stars