Review: Disco Singh
Review: Disco Singh
Rating: 3.5/5 (Three & a Half Stars)

Disco Singh is yet another mind blowing romantic comedy by Anurag Singh. He has given us fantastic movies like Jatt & Juliet (part 1&2) in the past. He always brings out the best from Punjabi actor Diljit. Though the Film’s story is not new and has been used in a few hindi movies before, Anurag’s direction makes it a superb watch.

Disco Singh offers you some genuine laughs and some witty one liners. The movie also becomes quite serious and might touch your emotional side. All over, the movie doesn’t have a single dull moment. Disco Singh has Diljit Dosanjh and Surveen Chawla in the lead roles.

Disco Singh is the story of a struggling singer Lattu (Diljit Dosanjh), who has a music album to his name. He runs an orchestra band and performs at marriage functions & parties in Delhi. Lattu, fan of model Sweety (Surveen Chawla) spends most of the time dreaming about his future with Sweety and some big plans including successful singing career. Sweety is also a love interest of Don Bhupinder Singh aka Paaji (Manoj Pahwa).

Paaji finances a friend’s Son’s marriage to see Sweety perform live in the function and lattu gets invited to the same wedding for a band performance. Due to some confusion, Lattu, Sweety and Paaji attract some media attention and makes the headlines in next day’s newspaper. Paaji’s wife (Upasna Singh) is the daughter of Super Don (Prem Chopra) and when she discovers Paaji’s photo in newspaper with Sweety & Lattu, she hires a detective (kartik Badu – Comedy Nights with Comedy Fame) to know about her husband’s involvement.

To save himself from getting caught, Paaji hires Lattu to act as Sweety’s fake boyfriend and prove himself decent in the eyes of his wife. Lattu’s dream comes true when he is offered this job and Sweety is in turmoil and agrees to play the part to save her life from Don Paaji. Now, starts the fun of chase, falling in love, betrayal and heartbreaks.

Diljit Dosanjh is a phenomenal actor and he proves himself yet again in Disco Singh as Lattu. He absorbs the role perfectly and plays his part in a convincing manner. Surveen Chawla is looking all ravishing as model Sweety and for a change, performed even better than the expectations.

B.N. Sharma’s new look and a remarkable performance made the movie even more interesting. Manoj Pahwa also brings depth to his character and does a splendid job as Don ‘Paji’. Upasna Singh is funny but misses out in a few scenes. Apoorva Arora is refreshing in her role and has a pleasant on-screen presence.

The film’s story is a bit old and has been used in a several hindi films before, but the same recipe has been cooked with spectacular flavors this time. Anurag’s brilliant dialogues and direction makes the movie entertaining and quite watchable. In comparison to  Jatt & Juliet, Disco Singh is a bit slow and lacks the grip but has it’s own moments. Disco Singh’s music is just average yet fits in with the mood and requirement of the movie.

To conclude, Disco Singh is 100% paisa vasool entertainer and a must watch for Punjabi Film lovers.