A good animated flick that would give your children a fun time is the new movie on the block- Escape from the planet earth.  I took my son with the sole purpose of giving him a nice time , though, there isn’t much for grownups, and believe me, he enjoyed it thoroughly. The story is not unusual but is meticulously shown and gets the young crowd into the groove.

 There is a moral lesson in the movie that lays stress and focus on the importance of family ties and bonding. It shows how two alien brothers help each other out when the time comes to test their love and belongingness for each other. While, on one side there is our very cute and talented Brendan Fraser who plays Scorch, the more flamboyant and the muscular of the two brothers, there is the other half – Gary, played by Rob Corddry who is not given the same admiration as Scorch. What follows is a series of clichéd twists and turns that I had expected right when this film released.  What happens when your family needs you and you are there to help them out is the focal point in the flick.

 What I liked about watching this flick was the fact that in such modern times when using slangs and adult stuff in animated movies has become common, Escape from the planet earth gives you a sense of relief, the kind that you experience when you take your young children to the theatres without having to worry about any adult stuff that would leave a distasteful impression on their pure minds. Yes, there isn’t a word of slang in the movie that would prompt any mommy to cover her child’s ears or eyes! The flick is definitely going to be liked by one and all, for it is a complete family oriented movie that is very rare to find these days when animated series like The Family Guy and Archer have captured prime time Television.

 However, there is only one flipside to this otherwise entertaining flick and that is its simple and unassuming plot that makes it quiet boring and predictable for the elder audiences.  By simple, I don’t mean to say that the flick is just about an ordinary animated film. It is just that watching a family oriented stuff that has an easy going story is sometimes dull and there comes a time when there isn’t much to expect.  

 For those that are expecting funny one liners or funny jokes to rattle their senses should think twice before buying a ticket for this flick. But, for a whole lot of others who are parents too, must take a day off and let their children enjoy each and every moment that will have a long lasting impression on their minds.

 Watching Escape From The Planet Earth would offer you a double whammy since the movie is as informative as it is entertaining. Not for one second will your kid feel sleepy since there are a plenty of scenes that promise you nonstop action and adventure.

 Watch it to catch your little one smiling away to glory!