Review: Evil Dead

Review: Evil Dead

A good way to pass your time in the weekends is to grab a ticket or two of the cult horror movie Evil Dead that will surely give you a thrilling time with its awesome cinematography and a different plot.

Evil Dead returns after a long hiatus and brings back some old memories that are a reminiscence of the 80s. Watching the movie was perhaps a good choice for me since I really liked the plot with a different approach that is not very typical of a horror franchisee such as Evil Dead. While, in the earlier installments, the main plot was always the same and predictable, the new installment promises a lot of different twists and turns. Here, instead of showing a sex crazed group who are out to have fun in the jungle, the story revolves around a group who come to stay in a forest cottage to help their friend get over her drug addiction.  This fact was indeed a refreshing change from the typically clichéd storyline that was the choice for many a horror movies released in the early and late 80s and 90s. Here, we don’t have a group of sexually charged teenage girls and boys, neither do we have sex scenes that are strewn in unnecessarily. What we do get is a heart wrenching opening scene that helps in increasing the chill and thrill factor.

Actors like Jane Levy, Lou Taylor Pucci and Jessica Lucas have all done their parts well but there is hardly anything special to be mentioned about them or their acting since the movie is to be applauded only for its cinematography and bloody scenes. If someone had to take a second opinion about watching this movie, he or she must come to me as I would give this movie at least 3 and half stars. It is a total blast and there is no need to think or interpret anything. One should just go with the sole intention of enjoying the horror and that’s it!

The movie starts on a seriously interesting note with a group of humans trying to help a possessed girl get relieved from the demon that has wrecked havoc on her. This scene, according to me, sets the mood right for the rest of the movie. It is simply thrilling and the visuals are stupendously shot. As for the introductory part where we, as audiences get introduced to the characters, there isn’t much to comment since the whole introduction seemed artificial. However, there is one feature that I liked and it was the way that the characters were all portrayed. Neither, there was this fabulously crafted woman who seemed to come out of an advertisement brochure, nor did we get to see the same old boyfriend and girlfriend tiffs and make outs. The whole story is crisp and simple but surely bloody and gory.

There are some old twists that come back this time with our troubled character Mia committing the mistake of opening the book of the dead and reading the words that come out true. Slowly and steadily we get to see the same demonic forces taking charge of the cottage and wrecking havoc on the entire group. Another scene that gave me goose bumps was the woods scene where Mia is shown getting assaulted by the forest and boy…it was scary to the hilt.  Evil Dead has no computer graphics and all the bloody scenes are shown as realistically as possible.

One must watch this movie if he or she is a fan of the old franchisee. No great shakes but still a good watch. Go for it!