Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

With so much of muscle power on show, the movie ‘G.I Joe: Retaliation’ could have been the next blockbuster, but alas….it hasn’t even scored 75% on reviewer’s review meter. What a dud!

According to The Guardian reviewer Peter Bradshaw, the movie is simply dull and lacks any substance that is worth watching. To see three hulky men chasing and fighting unnecessarily is absurd as much as it is pathetic. On watching the movie, one may get a feeling of boredom since it is, from no angle is interesting as its previous part.

While, in the previous installment, we had our team of daredevils fighting off the evil Cobra, here the soldiers are in fight with their own people and their own organization. To some, it may appear as if the whole idea of making this move was to cater for the Chinese market, however, it isn’t so. Only this time, the director wanted to show a different angle with some heavy duty chases and fights that are typically Asian and intrigue most youngsters.

With some hard core action scenes, G.I Joe: Retaliation seems to be a good movie, but it lasts only for a few moments. The scenes that show our heroes taking down the enemy with their advanced weaponry is astounding and makes you take notice , though, only for a fraction of time.  Starring Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum, the movie is sure to be liked by girls that are crazy over these action heroes. While, there are some reviews that suggest that the previous installment was far better, yet, there is something different here that makes the audience take note and sit patiently. It may not leave a lasting impression like other biggies in Hollywood, but can definitely give you some interesting moments. The action here is nonstop and non sense, say many reviewers.

The plot is similar and we have seen such stuff before. The president gets kidnapped and is swapped with a duplicate by the enemy.  Isn’t it something that we have seen endless times before? Moreover, the film ‘s release took some additional time as the makers wanted to change the format into 3D.  Most would call the storyline ‘mindless’. With a hotch potch of affairs, we hardly get time to understand what the fight is all about. Is it the ulterior motive to use the Nuclear weapon or to eliminate the president, or is it to destroy the soldiers? Well viewers need to find it out for themselves.

Channing Tatum, the handsome actor appears in the installment but , hold your breath…he is there only for a few minuscule minutes, thereafter, it is left on Johnson’s shoulders to carry the film forward. How very boring!! As for Johnson, we would have to admit that this actor has come out of is WWF days and is trying to enact many different roles. He is good in the movie, but can always accept better roles.
With a terrible dialogue delivery, the movie just cannot be tolerated for the whole 110 minutes. But, there are whole lot of scenes like battleships, and helicopter chases that are shot excellently in 3D, not to forget the costumes and armory that are very typical of the G.I Joe franchisee.
Watch it if you want to find out the loopholes and compare the two parts. Good luck!