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Gangster Squad is a stylish movie that can appeal to a certain class of viewers. Yes, the flick has been rated as an average film with many critics labeling it as one having no developed characters and boasts of an average writing. The film, though, comprises a good ensemble of actors, yet, it suffers from a major drawback- it lacks substance and contains absolutely nonsensical violent scenes that are not at all appealing to the audience.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the flick is a crime drama that stars actors like Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Emma Stone. The story is based circa 1940’s and 50’s when a group of detectives and LAPD cops work in harmony towards protecting the city of Los Angeles from being devoured by Micckey Cohen’s gang. The group is named Gangster Squad. The movie has a vital affiliation with the Aurora Shooting that took place in the year 2012. 

There are other actors like Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi and Michael Pena to name a few. What some may dislike about the flick is the half hearted treatment meted out to Stone’s character that shows her a girl that is in trouble and needs to be saved. Also, it would be appropriate to call it Penn’s debacle flick since most would find his make up to be hilarious and funny. A film that could have been made into a masterpiece, Gangster Squad, simply is a mediocre flick that offered so much of promise but failed to bring out the much desired outcome.  

The cold chemistry shared between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is one weakness to look forward to when watching this flick. There is absolutely, no passion between the two. It is flat and it bores! The director is known among the film fraternity as a creator of comedy flicks and he should stick on to it, no matter what happens!

Whatever said and done, Gangster Squad is not a bad flick and one shouldn’t expect it to fair like other mobster flicks like The Godfather. Some scenes are really well directed like the car chase sequence that throws in a kick or two when you view it.  The movie was in controversy with one particular scene that showed people at the theater being gunned down by actors and its release was halted till later date. With many retakes and shoots later, the flick was released successfully.

 Sadly, the flick doesn’t fall within the category of flicks that garnered critical acclaim from all. Some of these flicks included: LA Confidential and The Untouchables, movies that were appreciated for their realistic portrayal of gangs and the murky world that drives men to commit the heinous of crimes. Though, the flick draws a few real instances, it however, fails to deliver as efficiently as it promised in its trailers. But, the one thing that intrigued me was the flow of the movie that made it bearable to watch. No useless pondering or beating around the same bush is what lent some interest to the flick.

The advanced graphics utilized to depict Chinatown is worthy of appreciation and was loved by viewers alike. Based on a true story, the flick is good to watch if you cannot resist action crime drama. For the intellectually inclined, it could be chucked for other better flicks that deserve more attention.