Review: Grand Masti
Review: Grand Masti
Ratings: 2/5 (Two Stars)

The much talked about movie Grand Masti, a sequel of Masti (2004) after good nine years by Director Indra Kumar has achieved recognition as the India’s first adult comedy but it’s not even close to it. It’s a lame, slapstick comedy not meant for those who respect women. 

For namesake, the so called ‘plot’ to the movie is about three third year students  namely Amar Saxena played by Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi as Meet Mehta and Aftab Shivdasani as Prem Chawla  (who look like men already) who passes their college S.L.U.T.S. (Shree Lalchand University of Technology and Science) and gets married. Occupied in the household, their personal life suffers. As a vent, they look forward to enjoy and accept the invitation of “reunion”. Wild gets weird and fun turns absurd, that’s all Grand Masti is all about. With slapstick comedy and lame double meaning dialogues movie proceeds further and ends with an equally pathetic climax (strip show). To sum up, there is nothing sensible and practical in the entire movie. It’s a mindless comedy with an unimpressive starcast which couldn’t justify the legacy to Masti (2004) with better script, sensible starcast and a lighthearted comedy.

Manjari Fadnis as an ideal daughter-in-law, Sonalee Kulkarni as an ideal mother and Karishma Tanna as an ideal businesswoman gets just too entangled in their chore duties that they forget their prime duty to give time to their respective husbands. Along with the lead actresses there were stunning junior artists in minimal clothing. Apart from skin show, double meaning dialogues and some actually funny sequences there’s nothing more to talk about Grand Masti. It teaches you a new ‘A,B,C,D and F’ of life.

Grand Masti managed to make the audience giggle but left us all disappointed by its nonsense plot. Masti, gave us a couple of nice songs but Grand Masti couldn’t afford to give us a single bearable song. Been it a more practical script and some young cheerful actors in the lead role, it could have made it a huge success. Even after getting a low star rating by critics, it might do well on single screens depending upon the word of mouth.

This Friday is promising different genres and thus different flavours with the release of Grand Masti (comedy), John Day (thriller) and Horror Story (horror) so Grand Masti is most likely to attract a great chunk of youngsters. With different genres and their own targeted audience, most likely its not going to affect the performance of the other.

Grand Masti is for those who wouldn’t mind some cheap adult jokes, skin show and mindless comedy without the expectations of any plot. You can only enjoy the movie if you don’t mind some nudity and some overacting. Even if the movie fails or succeeds at the box office, it surely is going to create its own genre of ‘adult comedy’ and god knows how many more such movies would be produced in coming years