Review: Hawaa hawaai | Bollywood Movie Review

Review: Hawaa hawaai | Bollywood Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5 (Three & a Half Stars) A close to reality story based on a poor boy who had dreams like any other children of his age do. What he does to achieve them, is exceptional. The Movie Hawaa hawaai is emotional, inspirational and captivating. Set on a similar base as ‘Chakh de’, for sure it isn’t a masterpiece but a sheer splash of talent.

After Taare Zameen Par and Stanley ka dabba, director Amole Gupte has bought us an innocent yet a thoughtful script. What makes it different is the cast. Amole’s son and a national award winning actor Partho Gupte has effortlessly portrayed the role of a young tea stall worker who dreams of becoming a hero – a skating champ. Saqib Saleem is an excellent fit for the role of Arjun’s (Partho) skating teacher. The movie showcases his journey from ‘being nothing to everything’; despite of the hardships, Arjun never loses hope.

Arjun’s gang of friends are the most entertaining factor in the movie. They look so real, as if they aren’t even acting. A mechanic assistant, a rags collector, an embroidery shop worker and a ‘gajra’ seller… All of them look adorable infused with innocence and quirkiness . Though Partho manages to outshine the entire cast, each character in the entire film has been wisely casted.

The love angle is ill fitted and left lose to imagination. Also, initially Hawaa hawaai doesn’t appear promising. Despite of its clumsiness in parts, it picks up the pace soon and ends well. The climax is pretty predictable right from the start but the incredible team of actors make it gullible. 

Hawaa hawaai is entertaining, utterly sweet and inspirational. My final verdict would be to watch it once and not to give a miss. It’s a decent watch with family and young kids. Who knows, the little champ might inspire you somehow!

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