Tired of seeing actresses running around trees for no rhyme or reason? Well, it is time you treated yourselves with good and well written movies. Heroine is just the right movie for all gals that love Kareena. Yes, I have had the opportunity to watch the film and I thoroughly loved it- every bit and part! The movie showcases some cool performances by all star cast, specially the protagonist-Mahi, played by Kareena Kapoor. The boldness and sensitivity of her character sets the mood right for many people that love watching the glamorous lives of superstars. From high octane drama to emotional sequences, the movie Heroine succeeds in capturing the viewer’s attention. Be it the ‘Halkat Jawani’ or the sassy ‘Mein heroine Hoon ‘song, viewers get lost in the glitz and glamour that add a hint of passion in the movie. Basically the movie deals with Mahi’s attempts to gain fame and love, while, undergoing personal turmoil and heartbreaks. What happens when a heroine rises to fame and suddenly comes a day when she is lost among the thousand fresh faces that appear in Bollywood overnight? Well, you have to watch the movie to understand the whole bitchiness of the film world.