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Hmmm…what could possibly coax me to pass a good comment on a movie like Identity Thief? Well, for starters, there is one good thing about this movie- the actress in the lead! That’s it guys.  I would give full credit to Melissa McCarthy for bringing some life into an otherwise plot less and senseless flick that released on 8th February 2013.  An actress par excellence, Melissa is one great comedian to have made a mark in Hollywood. Most would remember her for her role of Molly in the famous comedy series Mike and Molly wherein she plays the character of an unmarried ‘healthy’ woman who finds a befitting match in Mike, a cop who is as ‘healthy’ as she is!

The best part about watching this flick was its story, which shows McCarthy (Diana), a con artist who dupes people by stealing their identities to lead a lavish lifestyle. The story gets interesting when her latest victim, an accounts rep gets down dirty to catch her red handed in a bid to save himself and his funds. What I liked about the story was its humor that succeeded in bringing out a laugh or two from me. Mind you…I am a skeptic! To see the trials and tribulations of a man who tries desperately to get back his name is kind of funny since it is a comedy flick.

With its fair share of a few laughs, the Identity Thief also suffers from certain drawbacks that I would love to point out. At the theater, no one seemed interested in watching the flick as it rolled by.  Reason, you may want to ask. Well, there wasn’t a minute or a moment in the movie that gave a breather to its viewers. With its fast paced storyline, the flick sometimes got over the top with some loud and overwhelming performances by both Jason and McCarthy. She is a terrific actress as I have mentioned before, but this flick failed to do justice to her talent. I simply got to see a loud and an overtly made up woman who kept flaunting her flocks throughout the flick.  Come on…who wants to see a clownish looking McCarthy anyways? Not me!

There have been other con movies that have done a better job than this flick which suffers from  a confusing plot that seems to linger on for a long time. While, our con lady is wanted big time both by men that belong to the ‘not so social’ world, the other half (the real Sandy) also falls in trouble. But, the one thing that looked artificial was the scene where our con lady is shown fighting with bartenders singlehandedly. Phew! Can you digest it? I cannot.

Though, the movie is full of such meaningless antics, yet, it somehow managed to keep me interested. To see McCarthy speak ‘nonstop’ lies to people was funny and I loved the way she handled her role. It is not that easy to carry a full film on your entire shoulders, you see! Moving over to the other lead actor, Jason Bateman played his role of a duped man with conviction, though; I didn’t like his stiffness and plastic expressions for which he is quite famous. No offence to you Mr. Bateman, I liked your work too!

With a great set of actors on board, the Identity Thief is an average humorous flick. Watch it for McCarthy who surely sets the mood high with her high energized acting!