Personally speaking, the movie INKAAR failed to trigger any interest or intrigue and left me disappointed to the point that I felt like laughing out loud on seeing the plastic wooden acting by our lead actress Chitrangada Singh who plays Maya Luthra, a creative head of an advertising agency and accuses Rahul Verma, the CEO of the agency, played averagely by Arjun Rampal. Directed by the skilled director Sudhir Mishra who has directed some critically acclaimed  bold films like Hazaaron Khwaisein  Aisi and Chameli, this movie released on 18th January to mixed responses.

The flick shows our heroine Maya slapping a sexual harassment case against Rahul and deals with the investigative proceedings that bring a talented actress into the limelight. Deepti Naval who plays an investigator in the flick is outstanding and it may be because of her that I possibly went to watch the movie in the first place.  Though, the flick deals with a touchy and socially relevant subject of sexual harassment at the workplace, it fails to bring out a realistic picture that convinces audience to identify and relate themselves with the protagonists.  The viewers are left confused whether the lead actress was actually flirting with Rahul or she was merely playing a game to reach the top position.

What didn’t appeal to me were a jagged storyline and the wooden characters that tore out the very ethos of a film that had the potential to draw viewers in large numbers. Though, the scenes with Deepti Naval are worth watching, those with Arjun and Chitrangada are a waste of time. But there were certain sequences where I found the movie getting a little interesting. Those were the scenes that had the various other office characters narrating their side of the story about the vibes and tensions shared between the lead characters.

Sudhir Mishra is a well known director to have made some classic movies like Chameli that saw Kareena getting an award and was critically applauded for her brilliant portrayal of a street girl. Chitrangada, his muse is well remembered for her role in Hazaaron Khwaisein Aisi. As for Rampal, I better liked him as a model, and sorry guys….I didn’t like his acting prowess either, in any of the movies except Rajneeti, a flick directed by another stalwart- Prakash Jha.

After having seen many Sudhir Mishra movies, I definitely wasn’t expecting this flick to be an inspiration, and to my utter astonishment, the storyline was actually taken from the Holly flick ‘Disclosure’ sans the passionate chemistry and sexual aura exuded by the lead actors –Demi  Moore and Michael Douglas.  What a waste of time it was to view the two most wooden actors of Bollywood….phew!

I am of the opinion that Inkaar , though , was made with a pure intent to show the most relevant of social matters affecting the society, it , however, failed to get deep and dwell into the murky world of corporate competitiveness that has become one of the root causes for break ups and suicides. This is not a flick that is meant to titillate your senses. It is also not a documentary flick that points out facts and pricks you to exercise some brains. The movie is out an out a commercial potboiler and shows many aspects that are not acceptable in real work settings and corporate offices.

See it if you are bored and have nothing much to do. Otherwise, chuck it for it offers nothing new.