A reasonably funny and an entertaining fantasy adventure flick, Jack the Giant Slayer is definitely worth a watch! The flick is based on childhood lore named Jack the Giant killer and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Bryan Singer has done a remarkable job in weaving many interesting plots to the storyline. The story is quite predictable with our hero, Jack who falls in love with a princess who gets captured by the big ugly giants, only waiting to eat her. How he enters the gateway of the giants and saves his ladylove forms the crux of the flick. Starring Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, Eleanor Tomlinson and Stanley Tucci, the movie has been made in 3D with some brilliant chase and run sequences between the giants and the troops.  The only thing that failed to click was the excessively computer generated giants that seemed quite artificial and funny to me. Am a big fan of computer graphics, however, the movie laid more emphasis on creating out of the world creatures instead of dwelling deep into the story and direction- A FACT THAT DID NOT CLICK WITH ME.

We have seen many movies that have set very high standards as far as computer graphics is concerned and this movie is definitely not among the classics like Avatar or Life Of Pie. But, I do have to admit that Jack the Giant Slayer had an engaging storyline and enough actions that held my attention for a very long time. It is a shade better than other recently released 3D adventure fantasy movies that were total disasters.

As for the actors, kudos to the protagonist played effectively by Hoult who has given a good, if not an excellent, performance as Jack. He is no mean superhero who has unimaginable powers, but is shown as a normal peasant boy who takes on the journey to the extraordinary world of the giants. Hoult enacted out his scenes with aplomb while his costar Timlinson played the usual role of a princess in trouble. There wasn’t much to do for her in the flick.  Other actors have done their job well but of course these are no Oscar winning performances, mind you!

The director Singer has done a good job by bringing in various elements that helped the movie strike a chord with mostly young cine goers that fell for its visual delights that made the flick a thorough entertainer. A not so serious adventure story, Jack the Giant Slayer, still managed to bring out a laughter or two from all of us who were present in the theatre. The movie was no great shake , but offered quite a bit of humorous one-liners that are enough to engage viewers.  Watch it if you love fantasy shot in 3D. It is surely an adventurous take on imaginative storytelling!