With little disappointing opening scale of 10%, Priyanka’s much awaited Jai Gangaajal seemed to more on single screens only rather than at the multiplexes. The movie is entirely based on political lines and Indian system and is truly going to face a pestering against ‘Neerja’ for it collections.

“Kuch bhi kar lo par vardi par haath nahi uthana chahiye tha” – punching line of Jai Gangaajal, delivered by Jha himself stepping into the limelight. That’s right. To surprise the audiences and stun his fans, Prakash Jha has taken a leap further for his latest foray on country’s badlands by acting in the lead role as crooked cop with covert conscience.
Standing on audiences’ expectation, Priyanka Chopra starrer Jai Gangaajal received flying start on Friday. Replacing the khaki-clad Ajay Devgan in new Gangaajal the lady actress tried hard to impress her fans with her power-pack role as a lady cop. Red Carpet style actress was on high jinks by her fans, especially after winning people’s choice award for Quantico. Contrarily, her performance somehow failed to amass positive reflections by many audiences.

Not quite-so-different from Gangaajal, from striking one’s eyes, pouring acid (referred ‘Gangaajal’) to hanging people to nearby trees, posts, fans etc. has been seen before. Traditional problem of the village people remains the same with cops being “rakhael” of the politicians and the latter ruling the village overruling the laws.

The two siblings– Dabloo bhaiyya and Babloo bhaiyya  – playing villains, are in collusions with powerful land-grabbers and goons. Certainly, when political goons like these two siblings are in village, SP Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) cannot stay aside. She does afoul the evils and she does get threatened. But, without questioning how she managed the situation or how khaki-clad cops were ‘chamcha’ of ministers, the movie consistently points out the failure of country’s system and power of politicians.

Oscar Award presenter recently and Quantico actor – Priyanka Chopra, where, won hearts of millions, seemed to be a point of distraction in the movie with impromptu makeup and actions. Trying to deliver her best and convincing people of her role but appeared note to be justifying her role as cop in place of Ajay Devgan who has been in great appreciation list by audiences, critics and juries for many years.

“Apko koi galat misguide kiye hain” – a line by Jha and laughter in crowd. Overall, the movie is worth watching once for Priyanka but yes, twice or more for Prakash Jha.

Movie review - Jai Gangaajal