Love Story of Jayantabhai has everything from romance to Don-giri, from music to humour and from action to drama. Finally Vivek Obroi has something to brag about. ‘Jayantabhai Ki Love Story’ is one fine film by Vivek Oberoi, which might help him establish as a solo actor in Bollywood.

Simran Desai (Neha Sharma) is a jobless girl and lives alone in an Mumbai apartment, Jayantabhai (Vivek Oberoi) is her neighbour.  Jayantabhai is a small time tapori and works for Altafbhai (Zakir Husain), Jayantabhai works very hard to become the top man of Altafbhai’s gang.  Altafbhai has a rival gangster Alex Pandeyan, an ex cop turn gangster. Our Jayantbhai falls in love with Simran. Simran’s father is very strict and most of the time makes Jayantbhai nervous.  Simran has tough time finding a job and turns to Jayantabhai for help, In the end Simran gets her job and Jayantabhai his girlfriend.

Its a love story with bhai-giri in the background or the Gangster movie with romance as a sideline, Its really tough to make a choice, thought movie keeps you busy guessing and interested with the characters. In the end you won’t find the movie boring and walk out of theatre saying that it was worth a onetime watch.

Vinnil Markan’s direction is average; dialogue seems to be copied from different Gangster movies. Music is below average and sometimes songs seem to come out of nowhere. Everything which was not expected from the movie is there, I mean to say, I didn’t go to watch ‘Jayantabhai Ki Love Story’ with much expectations but came back smiling and with some interesting stuff to write about.