kadal poster

Can faith help in restoring your believe in humanity? Well, Kadal just answers your question by bringing along a strong plot that shows the tribulations in the life of the Christian fishermen community bogged down by poverty and harsh realities of life. Kadal , meaning The Sea is a Tamil drama flick that released on 1st February 2013.

Starring Gautham Karthik and Thulasi Nair, the flick has been directed by Mani Ratnam who has churned out classics like Bombay and Guru, to name a few.  According to me, Kadal is a beautifully directed film that has all the elements that can contribute towards making it a grand success.  There is one thing that is quite different in the flick and it is the commercial treatment meted out instead of the ‘classic’ touch by Ratnam for which he is famous for.  One may call it commercialized or anything, but, the only thing matters here is the beautiful story that has all the emotions and feelings that are truly associated with humans.

Though, the romance between the lead pair is innocently portrayed, but, the movie lacks in its entertainment quotient. The beginning of the flick is good, though, the latter half drags on and makes you fall asleep at times. The ‘moment of truth’ for me, as I would like to call it, was the time when I could find nothing new when the movie started to unravel.  Then and there I realized that every Mani Ratnam movie is not a classic, and we as cine buffs, should not expect them to be the same. Of course we all make mistakes some or the other time! Kadal, too can be touted as one of the ‘tiny weenie ‘ mistakes of Mani.  The movie is a simple saga of a clash between evil and the good. I, had lots of expectations from the climax, which, turned out to be a dud with an obvious happy ending to be offered in copious amounts to the viewers.  The whole catholic sentiment didn’t go down very well with me and there were times when I felt as if the movie was sailing aimlessly for no rhyme or reason.

Kadal also stars the most handsome of southern actors- Arvind Swamy, a hero I had a crush on for a good number of my growing up years. He enacts is part with aplomb and ease. He plays Father Sam with conviction and succeeds in mesmerizing viewers.  Thulasi plays her part well but for a short amount of time. I would have appreciated had she been offered a greater part to play in the movie. As for Arjun, he plays his evil part effortlessly. 

But, kadal suffers from a serious drawback. The whole movie seems like a total mess, with some portions focusing on an aimless romance between the lead pair, while there are others that lay more stress on the battle between the two main protagonists- Arvind and Arjun. It appears as if the whole thing is a classic case of ‘hotch potch’!

A word of warning- Kadal is not a Roja, or Bombay. It is a usual run of the mill movie that will be appreciated by a few. If you are a big fan of Mani, go watch it.