kai po che poster

After a long time, I enjoyed watching a movie and that too after reading the book few  years back. Usually its very hard to direct a movie based on a book, as it doesn’t leave the director with much freedom. But based on Chetan Bhagat’s The 3 Mistakes of My Life, Abhishek Kapoor’s Kai Po Che  is an amazing movie. Chetan Bhagat’s Book had some flaws, but with the same story line, you can’t say that about Kai Po Che. While watching Kai Po Che, whole time I was well connected with the movie’s characters and their struggle with life. With few manageabley understandable Gujrati Dialogues, Abhishek Kapoor has done a marvelous job and deserve a standing ovation.

Movie starts with a scene where Govind(Raj Kumar yadav) is giving a presentation and after the presentation  he goes to receive his friend Omi (Amit Sadh) from Government Jail in Gujrat. Then story goes back in flashback and shows three friends Govind, Omi and Ishan(Sushant singh Rajput) watching cricket match and planning to make a future out of it. Then starts the melodrama of Friendship, Cricket, Politics, Religion and LoveTrio starts a small shop of sports equipments and a small training center in the shop’s backyard with the help of Omi’s politician uncle(Bittu Mamaji).  Ishaan is local cricket legend and become a hit as cricket coach with the small town population.  Govind is the business minded Gujrati, who plans to take their business on top by opening a big store in a mall. While securing the financial help from Omi’s uncle to open the store in the mall, Omi gets involved in Right Wing political politics and stats assisting his uncle with election campaigning. Ishaan found a born talented cricketer Muslim boy Ali. Ishaan starts Ali’s training and started to hope big for small town boy Ali. They get to open their Showroom and Govind gets involved with Ishan’s sister Vidya(Amrita Puri). Now comes the time to test the friendship, bonding and relations. Earth quake of 2001, destroys the showroom and their success’s hope with it, and trio seems to fall apart by the pressure and by the sudden change of events. After some time Godhra incidents happens and again Trio’s friendship is being tested.

If you want to satisfy your movie buds and feel and connect to something which happened in the past, Kai Po Che is for you. Kai Po Che is a movie NOT TO BE MISSED.