Khiladi 786 Movie Review

Khiladi 786 Movie Review

The movie starts with an unlucky gujju boy Mansukh Desai (Himesh Reshammiya) who annoyingly spoils an ongoing wedding with least efforts and thus, gets disowned by his father. To prove his worth, he takes in hand the case of Marathi mulgi Indu (Asin) who happens to be the headstrong sister of an underworld don Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar aka TT (Mithun Chakraborty).

Mansukh thinks Indu deserves a competent groom and begins his journey to unite Bahattar(72) Singh and Indu. On the other hand, in district Malkhanpur, village Taasi, Punjab not even a single girl is ready to get married to bahattar, played by Akshay Kumar. The colourful family of Speedy bahattar, Sattar Singh (Raj Babbar) with canadian wife, Ikhattar Singh (Mukesh Rishi) with Chinese wife and son and African grandmother accompanies him to Maharashtra for his marriage processions in their awfully colourful truck.

At first Indu resists Bahattar. The task wasn’t easy for mansukh, not only because of Indu being  T.T’s sister but because she would scare away any marriageable guy with her power ride. The secret gets revealed that she wanted to marry her boyfriend Azad (a prisoner who would invite trouble,the moment he steps out of it). Rowdy Bahattar passes each test as fast as his speed and doesn’t cease to impress Indu.

Just after the initial problem gets solved, another issue rolls in. Bahattar belongs to a clan of conmen disguised as cops, who gets their share to nab smugglers on the Punjab border and their secret gets revealed to Indu. So now it’s not only about Bahattar and Indu, as both of them are aware of each other’s background. But they are quite sure if T.T. would know of Bahattar’s profession, he wouldn’t approve their marriage. So efforts are made to keep the secret. But as a climax, one by one everything gets unrolled in front of everyone and is a hell lot of mess.

The ending scenes of movie consists of the major fight between Bahattar and Azad’s clan (Indu’s ex boyfriend who takes Indu away to marry her). Later, Bahattar finds his missing brother whose is actually in police. T.T. also approves their marriage.


To sumup, Akshay Kumar hasn’t proved the worth of his title and is an injustice to the Khiladi legacy. The movie was made “Rajnikanth style “an automatic tribute to Rajnikanth for his birthday on 12.12.12.  All the action scene were unreal, which wasn’t expected. The perfect macho boy Bahattar Singh smacked a troop of more than 200 ruffians with a blow. The movie isn’t remarkable in any ways. All you would remember after the continuous torture of the repeated dialogue is : “Duniya mein teen heezein hoti toh hain par dikhti nahi : bhooton ka sansaar ,sacha pyaar aur bahattar singh ki raftaar”.

The movie is infused with colours and songs wherever possible without making any sense. If we say the movie was lunatic that would be an understatement. Movie was a one time entertainment watch for kids and family with clean comedy. Bharti has also made a small appearance.

 Movie was even more disappointing than Bol Bachhan and Son of Sardaar with Abhishek bachhan, Ajay devgun, Asin,prachi desai and Sonakshi Sinha  in the lead. Atleast they had a storyline. But Khiladi 786 had a lot more expected storyline. Nothing new to it. The jokes weren’t at the slightest remarkable. All that would make you watch the movie is Rowdy Akshay Kumar and his effortless natural acting which wouldn’t fail to make you smile at times and songs. Singers Honey Singh, Shreya Ghoshal and especially Himesh Reshammiya’s were the show stealer. You would end up adding one or two soundtracks to your playlist. All thanks to the ever amazing music by Himmesh and wrap by Honey Singh. The songs  “Oh Balma” , “lonely”, “long drive” and “hookah bar” were a treat to watch. Claudia made an appearance in the song “oh balma” whereas Asin looks glamorous in the song “hookah bar” .

So book your tickets if you don’t mind Rajnikanth style fights, useless jokes, repetitive dialogues, sets that would leave you colour blind and just too predictable storyline. Himmesh’s terrible acting just adds a cherry on the cake.