killing them sofly review

The movie ‘Killing them softly’ isn’t about great performances and Oscar winning roles. It is a crime thriller that reminds you of the charm of the seventies when Marlon Brando and Al Pacino ruled the roost. Behold! This movie is neither Godfather, nor it promises viewers anything as grand as the latter. Killing them softly, however, shows life that is unglamorous and full of thugs and cheats.

The movie depicts the year 2008 when the American economy was in shambles and the new president was elected. The plot, though, is simple at the beginning, starts to get more complicated with lots of characters strewn in. Squirrel played by Vincent Curatola, plans a robbery with the help of the local cheat Frankie played by Scoot McNairy. The latter then, seeks help of another ‘trash’- Russell who readily agrees to take part in the entire game. From there, the story sees the two getting involved with a poker game owner Markie Trattman and this leads to the whole hitman getting behind the lives of these men. The plot begins to get more complex with the introduction of another assassin played by James Gandolfini who further complicates the matter for viewers.

Be prepared to watch an intense beating scene that may get you hooked. The scene is definitely going to be the best part about the movie. Brad Pitt plays yet another significant and applaudable role as the hitman Jackie who is forced to take up contracts on low fees, since; times are not good. He goes about doing his job just like a regular guy. Fans must see this movie because Pitt’s performance is out of this world.

The flick could have been more intense, had it been simpler and had lesser characters. The locales of the film are quite engaging and shown realistically. Many fans have waited to see the type of life that goes on in the underbelly of a ghetto located in Boston and the flick has shown them exactly that.

It is quite funny to see middlemen mediating contracts just like a school teacher would distribute notes or papers to his students! Come on, who does this sort of a thing in today’s times? The movie is inspired from the novel Cogan’s Trade that was written way back in 1974 and this creates problems in depicting the life that is now, nonexistent. Viewers can get to see many loopholes that remind them of an era gone by. For example: the confusion is evident when cars, bars and dialogues- all resemble the 70s and it does not look as if the movie is set in modern times.

With no latest gismos used in the movie, killing them softly is sure to be ignored by youngsters. There are other reasons why this movie is not going to become a cult classic. Killing them softy lacks the action sequences that throw viewers off from their seats. Yes, the movie fails to capture those bloody sequences that today’s youth has fallen in love with. The whole flick is based more on conversation and less on action.

However, with all these heavy and intense dialogues, Killing Them Softly is sure to engage those that find Tarentino type of movies repulsive. There is nothing to be repulsed about in this film. Hey… It is nowhere close to movies like Inglorious Bastards, yet maintains some old world charm that relies more on conversations. People would love the filth spoken by characters. One has to focus his mind on the conversations that are filled with subtle humour and are hilarious.

The flick has been directed by Andrew Dominik who directed the hit series Sopranos. However, in Killing Them Softly, the fame and glory associated with the underworld is missing. What viewers see is the darker side that offers no comfort at all. Characters played by Richard Jenkins and Ray Liottta are boring and remind viewers of the series Goodfellas time and again.

However, what one may like is the satire that engulfs the movie since it shows how lives continue to go on amidst political upheavals and conflicts. Killing Them Softly effectively depicts the suffering of the common American. This fact may compel most viewers to watch the movie at least one time.

For those that wish to watch some hard core action crime thriller, it is best suggested to avoid the movie, simply because it is slow and does not have the usual drama and action commonly associated with crime based movies.