Life of Pi Movie Review

Life of Pi Movie Review

There hasn’t been any movie that has generated as much stir among the audiences as this colossal and grand movie that is appropriately named ‘Life of Pi’. Yeah….it is appropriate because the flick depicts the life and journey of a boy who becomes a man whilst losing his family on a sea voyage en-route a new homeland. The journey teaches him the meaning of God and that one can mold his destiny by his or her actions and pure faith in the Almighty.  

The flick has been directed by Ang Lee, the famous person behind all the great movies like Sense and Sensibility, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain-all critically acclaimed and winners of many eminent awards.

With a scintillating and vivid blend of spirituality along with a magical story of a shipwreck, Ang Lee has succeeded in bringing out the trials and tribulations that can persuade or dissuade a human being in his search for the true meaning of life. Made in 3D, this flick is a movie that can be enjoyed by one and all, no matter what age group one belongs to.

The scene where young Pi, played by Suraj Sharma is seen cohabitating with the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker on a boat is splendid and magical in real sense of the term. The movie has successfully shot the vastness of the ocean and to see the sea creatures all swimming past the dingy is extraordinarily exquisite.

Life of Pi has many stalwarts like Tabu and Irrfan Khan, not  to forget the very talented and versatile actor Adil Hussain who plays the doting , yet, a strict father of Pi. Most audiences would fall in love with Suraj Sharma, the younger Pie, who has lately been in the news for not being allowed to give his exams at one of the prestigious colleges of India, name not to be divulged! For some curious souls, it would come as a surprise that the actor was subjected to such partial treatment since he couldn’t manage to get the appropriate attendance as was required by his college. Of course, not many can digest the fact that a young fellow like Suraj could manage such a colossal role in an Ang Lee film!

Keeping aside our views, let’s focus some attention on the other actors that played their roles effectively in the flick. As for Tabu, we all know she has acted in movies like The Namesake that went on to garner critical acclaim and was nominated for quite a few awards. Irrfan Khan has acted in various movies of different magnitudes, the recent being The Amazing Spiderman. Adil, we last saw him in English Vinglish, Ishqiya, Agent Vinod and Kaminey among a host of other critically acclaimed flicks.

The movie promisingly starts with a scene depicting a zoo and it’s just splendid to view all the zoo animals so close to your proximity, courtesy the advanced 3D technology adopted. Come on, who can forget the massive Richard Parker zooming out of the dingy when no one expected it in the first place? 

With amazing photography and advanced technicalities to pamper your aesthetic senses, Life of Pi is a must see for those that love imagination and believe in fairytales, for you never know when you would be the next on board a mythical boat with a Richard Parker as  a companion!! Savor the movie….believe me…it rocks!