Lokpal is a movie that can be chucked- Simple and clear. I am not being over critical when I pass this judgment. For me, watching Lokpal  was a big letdown since there is nothing new that this flick has to offer to its viewers.

 The plot is the same, with the lead actor  – Mohanlal, playing Nandgopal, a man not so virtuous, but, also possessing a heart of gold who plays a ‘do- gooder’ and is committed to fight for people’s rights. But, he has a complicated past that is full with elements that are enough to scar him. What I didn’t like about this flick is its usual treatment of the protagonist gone awry for a particular ‘good’ reason that was right and virtuous. Come on….there have been end number of flicks where the hero can be shown bad but is always right in opting for the wrong path in life. Why do we need to portray our heroes always in the ‘good’ light? Why can’t they be evil outright?

 Mohanlal , according to me, has been given a bad role to play , given his stature and prestige that he commands in the Malayalam film industry. He could have played a much more significant part instead of this useless character that lacks depth or soul. Lokpal has all the offerings to make it a full- on masala flick, but it fails miserably to bring a cheer from audiences. Even the screenplay fails drastically to invoke any interest in viewers. The action sequences are tailor made and look artificial. Nothing much to comment on that front. Even the dialogues too, were a run of the mill stuff with no memorable one liners to be remembered by me.

 To see Mohanlal emote with plastic and wooden like emotions was disheartening for me. He looked suffocated and disinterested. However, the other actors like Kavya, Meera Nandhan and TG Ravi acted well for their caliber. The whole movie seemed like running for an eternity. The one saving grace was the song ‘Maya’ that could be listened to time and again. It was probably the one time that I sat hooked on to my seat and got engaged completely. As for the rest of it, I give a rating of 1.5 out of 5.

 Lokpal will surely disappoint you. The star cast in the flick is so much wasted that it brings tears to my eyes. To see Mohanlal acting in this thoughtless flick has been overwhelming for me since I could not see any point why this talented actor accepted the role in the first place. The flow of the movie is too sluggish and meanders from time to time.

 It is all the more hilarious to see Mohanlal appearing in costumes , so funny that would make you laugh till you can get no more air in your lungs! To see him as a sardar is laughable, let alone his various cartoonish avatars that show him bringing justice to the common man. We have seen many other good movies of the Vigilante genre, being churned out of Hollywood. Mohanlal just couldn’t carry such a thing on his shoulders.

 With no genuine script, Lokpal is sure to bomb at the box office. View it at your own risk!