Review: Love and Honor

Review: Love and Honor

A romantic drama, Love and Honor is definitely worth your watch if you are a diehard romantic and wish to relive those golden days when you pursued your sweetheart relentlessly.  The movie’s romantic angle is set during the Vietnam War, a confusing time for many a men who left their whole lives behind them only to serve their motherland.

Love and Honor has a stupendous cast and has been successful in capturing the times of the 60’s effectively. The story shows how a military person played by Austin Stowell, goes back to the old civilian life only to get back his love that is played by Aimee Teegarden, a girl that left him.  Most viewers would love the star cast that also includes the handsome Liam Hemsworth, a lady killer and whose good looks have made a big star out of him. He plays Austin’s best pal who accompanies him all the way to Michigan only to fall in love with Candace, played by Teresa Palmer.

According to some experts, one of the things that has struck a chord with most movie goers is the authentic portrayal of the troubled times when America was faced with protests, drugs and communal sharing and living that is shown as realistically as possible. Here, however, one may feel a sense of déjà vu when seeing certain protests scenes that would remind him or her of Forest Gump that also had some common elements. But, whatever one may say or complain, Love and Honor helps to bring out the reality effectively.

There are plenty of scenes that bring back memories for some who had to face the similar challenges as young men and women. The scenes are all beautifully directed and are well connected. To see, how amidst protests and upheavals, America paved the way for new scientific discoveries, with humans making the first landing on moon is awe-inspiring. Many of such scenes bring back the nostalgia for many baby boomers that gained and lost a lot during that time.

According to a few experts, Love and Honor is a typical old fashioned type of movie that has been seen end number of times, but, in certain areas, it has excelled. For instance, the events that have been given a focal attention and have been directed, keeping in mind the times and ways of those days. There are some minor glitches when watching this movie, like the 60’s that sometimes appear to be over the top and looks artificial. Also, to see Hemsworth enact the American character is funny at times and looks made up. There are many instances when we get bored seeing him flex his muscle power without any rhyme or reason. But, we did like the hot pairing of Hemsworth and Palmer who bring passion into an otherwise dull romance, though, they could have been given a better accent training to appear more American.

Touted as “politically clueless” by some reviewers, Love and Honor, however seems to connect with audiences. The only complain that we as viewers have is the over melodramatic angle that the director could have eliminated to make it more real.