Review: Maazii
Rating: 2.5/5 (Two & A Half Stars)

“There’s a devil deep inside every innocent man.”

MAAZII – This Urdu term stands for ‘the past’. Maazii is an unexpected tale of love,revenge and transformation which would bring you to experience every emotion closely in merely 2 hours. With an amazing script and superb starcast, Maazii came as a surprise. A good watch for people who have a taste for sensible thriller movies.

The movie starts with an abrupt statement of a goon in the police station followed by an item song which gives the impression of either an action or adult movie but later thrives on the thriller plot exposing the true faces behind the innocent faces. Every time a new truth is revealed,leads to further brutal killings. Tarun ( Sumit Nijhawan) plays the florist with a secret and terrible past. Mona Wasu, did a commendable job as his wife. Tarun’s life turns upside down when the past comes to chase him and he nearly lose his near and dear ones. The climax reveals certain hidden faces which would keep you glued to the screen.

Director Jaideep Chopra has done wonders with its simple yet highly¬† talented starcast. Sumit Nijhawan and Mona Wasu as the lovey-dovey couple with the pretty daughter Meenal doesn’t fail to bridge a connection with audience. They make you laugh,they make you cry and they make you experience the feeling of love. But,the background music constantly gives you the clue of the expected haunting. The killings eventually starts and their life becomes all messed up. Pankaj Tripathi, Manav Kaushik, Manish Chaudhari and Zakir Hussain are senior actors and have performed effortlessly well. All one by one, leaves their footprint and vanishes with the sway.

Some scenes would really send chills to your spine and the dexterity of the characters would leave you spellbound. Though,none of the characters in the movie are glamorous but all the characters have given their best performance supporting the equally well-framed script. Shocks that come in the installments makes the movie worth a watch.

Despite the clever plot and promising actors, Climax isn’t worth it. After all the incidence turns out in a similar way it’s not very difficult to predict the climax especially after a quick flashback. ‘Tota’ is an item song in the beginning of the movie. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has given a track ‘Maula’ which leaves an impact too but other tracks aren’t worth a mention.

MAAZII has some gripping action and thriller which would form a lump in your throat. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the movie doesn’t have lose ends. The sequence of story narrated by Tarun regarding his past gives a soft touch to the destructive present. Mona wasu was the charm of the movie,the life of MAAZII. Her shift from small screen to big screen is promising.

To conclude, MAAZII is a paisa vasool movie for thriller lovers. Its one of those movies that you have no expectations with but emerges as a pleasant surprise. Audience who have an eye for Comedy,Romantic and Sci-Fiction could skip this one but a must watch ‘Masala Movie’ for the lovers of Bollywood Thrillers.