An out and out kiddy’s movie, Main Krishna Hoon is an entertaining part animated flick to have released on 25th January 2013 and is directed by Rajiv S. Ruia. It is very seldom that you get to see good animated flicks in Bollywood , and I am of the opinion that all families must take their children for a date with the super cute animated Krishna that is one of the most attractive features to lend an element of attraction to this flick.

Being a mother, I look out for opportunities to take my son to watch good movies, of which animated ones rule the roost. This time, too, I really hoped to give a good time to my little boy, who is crazy behind animations, and was pleasantly surprised to find him enjoying the movie thoroughly.  The flick consists actors like Juhi Chawla, Rajneesh Duggal, Misti Mukherjee who have played their parts well.  However, the cameo played by Hrithik Roshan is worth applauding because this is one actor who has honed his skills and talents and has come out of his ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ days with a bang.

The story is quite heart wrenching and shows how a woman named Kantaben, played by Juhi Chawla gives shelter and motherly love to an orphaned boy, played by Namit Shah. How the boy craves to find his biological parents is overwhelming, though, at times, viewers get an overdose of melodrama. In the story, Kirshna (Namit Shah) suffers from Epilepsy and this makes the plot a little boring and cliché.  We have seen similar kinds of flicks where the protagonist suffers from some mental or physical challenge, but overcomes it with ‘a certain dash of magical spell’ cast by an unknown entity or even god! Here, too, the boy comes into contact with Lord Krishna who turns his life for good and we see our little Krishna getting all the good things in life- all of a sudden! How I wish things were this easy for us too. But, this is only a movie and is not meant for those that are looking for an engaging theme. It is not a satire either.

What clicked big time with me was the character played by Juhi Chawla. A seasoned actress that she is, we all expect her to do real good cinema. Though, this movie is not anything near what we define as a thinking man’s cinema, yet, Mein Krishna Hoon is not a bad film either. Chawla has played many excellent roles in her earlier movies like My Brother Nikhil and 3 Deewarien that catapulted her into newer heights of fame. Here, she played Kantaben’s role with conviction, though, at times I felt as if she was going overboard with her acting and impersonating a Guajarati ‘ben’.

As for Katrina Kaif’s guest appearance, I wasn’t expecting anything special from her since, for me, she is a pretty face, but just cannot manage to pull off any role that is not dance specific. You can expect her to play her part like a dummy. Nothing else that is new here to offer by Miss Kaif. This flick is good for kids that love Krishna cartoons and promises many entertaining scenes with the master of the universe. Take your children for a date with the lord. You won’t regret it.