Is watching this flick does any good to you? Well, for some it does and for others it simply falls flat.

Mama belongs to the horror genre and is directed by Andes Muschietti, a very new kid on the block and this is a deterrent while you plan a weekend to savor the flick. Now, you must be wondering what makes Mama anything better than the other horror flicks like The Ring, Grudge and Omen. Hey…it doesn’t and please don’t expect it to be anything as spooky and scary as the other three cult movies , known to have scared people to death!

 However, I liked the story that deals with the haunting of two young girls who are lost in the woods to fend for themselves, devoid of any human help, only to be rescued years later by their uncle whose family faces the wrath of a supernatural being called MAMA, a ghost who was behind the upbringing and care of the girls whilst they were in the woods. Yes, the plot at first, seemed to intrigue me, however, as the story unfolded, it became very clear to me that the director was trying very scare, with sudden shrieks, shadows and a bent old lady with long nails ready to tear out your flesh! How very typical of a horror flick. 

 With a confused script that simply tries very hard to scare your senses, Mama is just another horror flick that has failed to replicate any of the critically acclaimed horror movies released so far. But, there is one thing that I liked about Mama and that would be its mature handling of the two young girls. The flick has not put these child stars into a web of ‘adult acting’ wherein we see so many young lives getting affected due to an overdose of overtly adult content. They have acted quite well and it is really spooky to see their wildness and the way they interact with an unknown entity.

 But, Mama definitely has lot of loose ends and we are almost left disappointed by its ending that is very typical of any Hollywood horror flick. There are many scenes that failed to trigger any fear in viewers. Come on…who would get scared seeing Mama, a replica of the bloody and old witch from the movie ‘The Tooth fairy’? And at times, the story gets too predictable with viewers coming to know the ending pretty well.  For example: when I saw the protagonist walking to the jungle cabin at night, it hit me instantly that something sinister was lurking and that someone would die. Guess what? I was right. How very boring…isn’t it?

 Moreover, the flick is too full of nonsensical voices, most of which are really not necessary to ignite an element of spook. But, credit has to be given to the child stars- Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse who have lent some appeal to an otherwise ordinary flick that is Mama. Jessica Chaistain , however, has nothing new to offer and her talents have  been wasted massively. I could not relate to her character after her award winning performance in the flick Zero Dark Thirty.

 For those that love horror, watching Mama is not a waste of time for sure. Catch it. Believe me, it is much better than the silliest horror flick of all times ’Evil Dead’.