Review: Mary Kom - A Must Watch


Review: Mary Kom - A Must Watch

Rating: 4/5 (Four Stars)

A biography of boxing legend and former world champion, Mary Kom would seem too soon, as she is still pursuing her lifetime passion. But the movie seems to fulfill a completely different purpose. The first look/theatrical trailer came on powerful and inspiring, and the movie had everything that was promised by the makers.

The lead, played by Priyanka was no less than remarkable. The challenging role of a Manipuri girl and her transformation from a rice farmer and former wrestler’s daughter to a three time world champion was played almost perfectly. The effort of the team, and especially priyanka was apparent on screen. Though most of the dialogues were crisp and quirky, there were some moments where the expectations were more and dialogues were a little less effective.

Directed by Omung Kumar, Mary Kom is a fantastic adaptation of a woman’s struggle and her real life achievements. Where Priyanka reminds us of her flawless acting in ‘Barfi’, Sunil Thapa sure does contribute to the powerpacked performance.

Set and props seemed authentic with every detail worked out carefully, from the household items to vehicles to the language and accent. Not fiddling with the facts, the research team did its best to provide the right information in right perspective. Workout and bouts were beautifully enacted. The overall experience was quintessential.

Local songs and dialect were in place. The struggle and emotions associated brought life to the whole movie. Movie ended on an inspiring note with a message from life of a woman who would never take no for an answer, and coach’s words hit the bull’s eye every time.

To conclude, this movie is not something one goes out to watch with kids just for a fun weekend. It displays the whole movie making has a purpose to serve to the people. It is a couple of hours well spent.

A pill of reality, a must watch for every individual.

Movie Review: Mary Kom